Who, Me?!

image credit: jaimesn photography

My name is Michelle. Have answered to Ella, Chelle, and Lou {don’t ask}. For the past six years: Mom. And most recently, to The Dog, I am she-who-controls-the-food.

Sharing is what I do. And when it comes to sharing words with another, I find that the act can be both uplifting and healing, which is pretty much what inspired my journey into blogging and the creation of “That’s My Boy,” this little light‘s predecessor. Cheap girl’s therapy, you could call it.

My son, Matthew (aka The Boy) and life as mommy are certainly a repeating theme of many of my posts, but the true mission of tll is to inspire you to find the simple joys in your everyday by sharing mine. This blog is personal. I write from the heart, babe.

Please come on in and stay awhile. Look around. Read some stuff and if you like, leave a note and share yourself. I’d love to hear your story.


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