Watch Full Movie Online And Download Sand Castle (2017)

Watch Full Movie Online And Download Sand Castle (2017)

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Quality: HD
Title : Sand Castle
Release : 2017-04-21.
Language : English.
Runtime : 113 min.
Genre : Drama, War.
Stars : Nicholas Hoult, Logan Marshall-Green, Henry Cavill, Glen Powell, Tommy Flanagan, Beau Knapp.

Set during the occupation of Iraq, a squad of U.S. soldiers try to protect a small village.

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Sweet Little Things . Week 7

Sweet Little Things . Week 7

Oh, this week.

It was good, people. Really good.

The perfect combination of friends and family, busy and quiet, and good reading.

What sweet little things struck my fancy during all that bliss?

Well, here’s just a few. Hope you noticed all the sweet little things that surrounded you, too.

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Pellegrino. The Boy has been a seltzer drinker all his life. He loves the bubbly water. If you follow me on Facebook {you do, don’t you?}, you know whenever we head into Starbucks, he orders a Pellegrino.

He’s a 6-year-old.

Who orders Pellegrino.Hacksaw Ridge live streaming movie

That makes me giggle. Like the time when, at 3 years old, he told the waitress at our local 99 Restaurant that he’d like a club soda with lime.

He’s a retiree in a Transformers t-shirt, people.


Retro Illustrations. Flipping the calendar from February to March was a joy on many levels. 1. It means we’re closer to birds chirping and the scent of lilac coming through the screen door. Could happen any day now.

Right? Right?!

And 2. I got to enjoy a whole new scene by one of my favorites illustrators: Miroslav Sasek. I just love that retro vibe.

Calendar July

Space Kid Print for Compassion International. My friends over at CoupleJones are good people. And they do good things … like starting their Doing Something Good campaign, which proves that simple acts of generosity and kindness can have an amazing effect on the world.

You can do good, too. A simple little act like downloading their whimsical Space Kid Print for a piddly {that’s a word, right?} $8–with all proceeds going to Compassion International–will brighten up the space of a child you love while helping another.

Sweet and easy.


Kids’ toothpaste. On Wednesday night, I grabbed the tube of toothpaste that was on the bathroom vanity. I hadn’t realized that it was The Boy’s tube, but it was okay, because what followed was a birthday party in my mouth.

I’m telling you: if you’re feeling blue, brush your teeth with a kid’s toothpaste.

Total joy.


Who’s on First? On a recent Barnes and Noble outing, The Boy and I stumbled across this fantastic book. It’s based on Abbott and Costello’s {if you don’t know who they are, shame on you … Google them right now} shtick, and in my opinion, every young kiddo should own it. That’s why I bought a few for upcoming birthday parties.

Sorry, peeps, for spoiling it for you.

Now you know that if Matt’s on your kid’s guest list, this is what they’ll be getting.

WHo's On

Spring Issues. Yes, we’re having oh, maybe the 10th storm of the season, but look what came in the mail the other day!

It’s just around the corner folks … don’t despair!

BH & G

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And from Blogland … well, you don’t get better than these gals. I always love reading what they have to share.


Enjoy your weekend, friends, and don’t forget to come back on Monday to link up your Much Ado Monday post! Anything goes, as long as it wouldn’t make your momma blush.

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Much Ado Monday : When Your 4-Year-Old Fakes You Out

Much Ado Monday : When Your 4-Year-Old Fakes You Out

The Boy’s getting back on the bus this morning–off to get all educated and stuff after a week of play dates, outings, and semi-junk food {thank you, February vacation} and I’m shifting back into my normal, everyday routine.

It’s gonna take some time, though. I forgot what it’s like to have the house to myself and complete a thought without interruption, so for this Much Ado Monday, I’m pulling out and dusting off one of my very first posts from 2010, back when The Boy was 4 and I was lucky if two other souls {not including my aunt} were reading tll.

Actually, I’m still lucky if that happens, so thanks to all of you who read, and especially to those who comment and say hello.

Just love you guys.

Don’t forget to link up your own posts at the end. xo

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One random day earlier this month–after a very long and trying afternoon–Matthew and I were finally getting into a solid groove by the time the just-before-bed routine rolled around. I finished up dinner, got the little man into the shower off the kitchen, and straightened up the war zone that had become my house just a few hours earlier, throwing every kind of toy and book into the nearest appropriate basket, bin or box.

I let him play his customary write-a-story-on-the-shower-door-with-a-squirt-gun game for a few minutes before I ventured in to shampoo, soap, and rinse.

Water off.

I wrapped The Boy in a towel, and while I carried him upstairs to his room, he requested that for the remainder of the evening, I refer to him as a troll.

Ah, okay. 

So I powdered the troll, put on his jammies, and let him watch a show, then brought him back into his room for some quiet time.

We most likely read some sort of brainwashing material about staying in his own bed all night (Back to Bed, Ed by Sebastien Braun is a new favorite), played a little bit, and then I tucked him in. He smelled so sweet, and his face was cuter-than-cute that night: eyes a soft green and his little brown hair all fluffy from the shower. He looked up at me and said “Mom, sing me a lullaby.”

Seriously, could it get any more Little House?

So I sang him

You Are My Sunshine,

and as he usually does, he sang along softly with me. After such a crazy day, it was a moment that was so welcome. I was trying not to get all weepy while looking at this beautiful little boy who was singing these sweet words back to me. I was so in love.

And then it happened.

We finished our duet, and he paused for a moment. I could have sworn that a Disney-like twinkle reflected off his eye. He looked up at me with a smile, touched my cheek with his palm, and said,

Mom, I wish I had Leo’s mother.

Yup. That’s right. He’s always had good times over at one of his best buds’ homes, and his little 4-year-old spirit just had to share that at that moment.

With that, it was lights out.

And it just makes me think: this is what motherhood is all about.

Looking into your child’s eyes and connecting in a way only you and he or she can, thinking this is my life’s purpose, this child right here. Then being knocked on your arse the next minute, and having to laugh through it all.

Because if you didn’t have a sense of humor before becoming a mommy, you darn well better find one now.

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Much A

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