Turning Back The Clock

Turning Back The Clock

I want to turn back the clock for my son.

Though soon we’ll be tumbling right into 2013, in my house, I’d like to dial it back a few decades.

To a time when people’s hobbies included bridge and garden clubs and collecting bottle caps,

not assault-style weapons just for fun.

To a time when firm boundaries were set for children, and moms and pops were more concerned with raising respectful and responsible adults than being their kiddo’s best friend.

To a time when children ran themselves ragged outdoors playing hide and seek and hopscotch, kick-the-can and tag instead of numbing themselves inside in front of video games that have them killing their opposition—desensitizing their spirit with every pull of the virtual trigger.



To a time when people chose to rest and rejuvenate themselves on a Sunday instead of using their last ounce of energy to shuffle their kids from one sports practice to another, leaving them tired and frazzled and spent.

To a time when Sunday services and family dinners were an integral part of the week.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

When people were satisfied with an honest job, a humble home, a simple car …

a time when having enough was enough.

We are a people who want more, more, more and we end up with less, less, less.

Less time to contemplate where we’re going.

Less time to savor our families.

Less patience because we’re constantly running, running, running to keep up.

What can we do? everyone asks when tragedy strikes.

Let’s take the world back, I say.

Let’s take a look at ourselves and at what we allow into our children’s homes and hearts and minds.

Let’s set boundaries for our kids and stop acting like we’re not the ones in charge of teaching them right from wrong.

And for Pete’s sake, let’s not be embarrassed to say we need help when we need help.

Clearly Friday’s devastation cannot be explained away by poor discipline or bad TV choices or one simple thing or another. And clearly there are extreme cases across the board that require more help than better parental discipline or gentler programming or an early bedtime.

And clearly—though times may have been simpler in some respects when our grandparents were kids—the world wasn’t free from problems. In some ways, we’ve come so far.

But in some ways, we have clearly regressed.

And I know we can do so much better.

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When I Don’t Know What To Say, I Pray

When I Don’t Know What To Say, I Pray

Honestly, I just don’t know what to say right now.

I’m still processing.

But I wanted to offer something in this space on this quiet and reflective Monday morning.

So I offer you this:

a prayer for our children.

Matt on Shoulders

St. Monica Prayer My love to you all.

A Favorite Book Review: A Catholic Mother’s Companion …

A Favorite Book Review: A Catholic Mother’s Companion …

Happy Weekend, everyone! On this beautiful Saturday, I’m proud to be the latest stop on my friend Sarah Reinhard‘s book tour. A popular Catholic blogger {she’s my hero!}, mom of 3, and author, this gal has her hands full, yet she handles it all with such grace and authenticity. Today I’m so happy to share my thoughts on her latest endeavor.

To celebrate the launch of A Catholic Mother’s Companion to Pregnancy: Walking with Mary from Conception to Baptism, Sarah invites all of us to spend her blog book tour praying the rosary together. Today, she shares this reflection on the Crucifixion:

It was dirty and uncomfortable at the foot of the cross. She had endured watching him being tortured, and now, unbelievably, she was watching him die. I don’t think, though, that she carried a heavier weight than I do when I weigh myself down with worries about what could happen, what might be, what’s possible and probable, and potentially what’s going to happen.

In fact, I wonder if there wasn’t a certain freedom for Mary at the crucifixion. We know she had complete trust in God, so even there, at what seemed to be the end, she must never have lost sight of her faith and belief that God had it all under control.

I wish I could say the same. What keeps me from relying on God as Mary did? What stops me from letting God have my worries, my anxieties, and my fears? Why don’t I just hang them up on the cross with Jesus and let them die?

As we pray this decade of the rosary, let’s hold all those brave women who have said yes to difficult and challenging motherhood in our intentions in a special way. Don’t forget, too, that we are praying for an increase in all respect life intentions as part of our rosary together this month. (If you’re not familiar with how to pray the rosary, you can find great resources at Rosary Army.)


My mother’s Rosary, now mine, given to her way back in 1955.


Our Father . . . 

10 – Hail Mary . . .

Glory Be . . . 

O My Jesus . . . 

You can find a complete listing of the tour stops over at Snoring Scholar. Be sure to enter to win a Nook (and any number of other goodies) each day of the tour over at Ave Maria Press.

I’ve had such fun this past week, leaving my copy of the great Sarah Reinhard’s A Catholic Mother’s Companion to Pregnancy lying around. If you want to see my poor husband’s face turn ghostly white, let him think for even a moment or two that we’re embarking on that particular journey again.

Breathe, honey. Breathe.

Many of you know my vulnerability when it comes to pregnancy, so when Sarah asked me to review this book for her, I was cautious. Truth be told, I thought it might be too difficult, because so often just the word pregnantbrings about a lot of emotion, never mind an entire book on the subject.And yet, I’m so glad that I said yes.

It was an absolute pleasure to read.



First of all, it’s no mistake that instead of referring to this book as a guide, Sarah chose the word companion. While every chapter is filled with great, informative tidbits on each particular stage of a woman’s pregnancy, never once does Sarah’s tone imply that she feels she’s the authority on the subject. She walks with you on this journey and graciously shares her insights—her voice as comforting as that of your closest faith-filled friend.

Every page offers encouragement. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but even those women who have a relatively smooth and uneventful nine months would say that there are times when it feels like more of a sacrifice than a joy, and Sarah understands this. She helps us to navigate our way through those moments with her “Small Steps” and “Faith Focus” segments. Each chapter also highlights Our Blessed Mother’s life and her own journey into motherhood by featuring a reflection on the Rosary. I can think of no better example of faithfulness and grace under pressure than the mother of Christ. Meditating on the mysteries not only invites a sense of peace into our day, it allows us the time to put our own fears into perspective.

Overall, the book reads like and has the calming effect of a favorite prayer.

And while it may be marketed toward expectant mothers, so much of A Catholic Mother’s Companion to Pregnancy could easily be applied to other situations in life in which we find ourselves vulnerable, which is probably why I so enjoyed it. I’m not pregnant, but her emphasis on the power of prayer and placing one’s trust in God’s plan fortified me still.

Do not be afraid of God’s plan for your life. Do not be afraid of the small blessing within you. Do not be afraid of what’s ahead, but hold fast to God’s hand, and use your will to choose to trust.

Beautifully said, Sarah.

I’m glad that I left myself open to Sarah’s words by replying in the affirmative to her request, even if I was secretly reluctant.

I only wish she’d written them, oh, about seven years ago.

And now for some goodies …

If you would like to receive a copy of Sarah’s wonderful book to enjoy yourself or share with a friend, please leave a comment here. The winner will be chosen at random.

And that’s not all! You have a chance to win a Nook! YES, a Nook! I know … can you believe it?! Click Sarah’s sweet banner below to enter, and good luck!

Please note: I received a copy of this book for myself and one for a giveaway, in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received.

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