A Six-Year-Old, And What He’s Thankful For

A Six-Year-Old, And What He’s Thankful For

This little basket came home from school with The Boy on Tuesday.

I was so sure that last word would be

cupcakes or

Legos or

spy kits.

But no, my kid runs deeper than that.

He’s thankful for the world.

Yeah, Bug?

The world is thankful for you.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

Whatchoo-Buy-When-You’re-Santa Wednesday

Whatchoo-Buy-When-You’re-Santa Wednesday

So I’ve decided that I’ll continue to showcase a fun, Polyvore-created visual each Wednesday, but it’s not always going to be clothes. Truth be told, I just don’t have so many out-of-this-world events I need to dress up for {hence the WWYWWW: Leaf-Rakin’ post}, and sometimes, well, I’ve got bigger fish to fry that I’ll need your input on.

Like this week, for example: I’m in full getting-ready-for-the-holidays mode.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The Boy has his own list already prepared for Santa {of 57 break-in-a-millisecond toys, to be exact … don’t worry, I do impress upon him the real meaning of the season} and surely I’ll pick out one or two of those items to make his morning magical, but for the few remaining under-the-tree pretties, I’m trying to create a list of my own {for the grandparents, aunts, and uncles} that features tried-and-true, good ol’-fashioned, quality toys. Toys that when the rush of Christmas Eve and Christmas morn and parties and family visiting is gone, my child won’t forget about.

I’m looking for things that have proven time and time again to be among Matt’s favorites, and it always comes down to the basics: things to draw with, things to build with, things to slide on, things to make him laugh. Things like this:


The Boy Gift Ideas


Okay, I added the pajamas and the Print Wacky Sentences workbook. No self-respecting 6-year-old would have those on his list. But his mother would.

Anyway, here’s where I need your help:

I’d love to know what’s proven over the years to be a reliable and fun toy in your household {for the young elementary-school crowd}? After all the  excitement  over the latest toy is over, what do your kids turn to on a rainy day?


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“What Is It?” A Fun Parenting Game

“What Is It?” A Fun Parenting Game

I LOVE stumbling across something The Boy’s put together and then trying to figure out what it is.

Most recent case in point:

Found this gem yesterday afternoon when—while heading into his room to retrieve the laundry basket from his closet—I came across random red smears everywhere. {I could tell right away it was marker, and thankfully, it washed off.}

I followed the markered-finger-smudges trail to this.

Can you tell what it is?!

Yup, you guessed it:

It’s a Sock Puppet Box Kit.


Could we please just freeze them at this age?!

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