And So It Begins : The Season of Advent

And So It Begins : The Season of Advent


It’s morning on December 1, and I’ve already had to remind myself to slow full film Wonder Woman 2017

Is it the Capricorn thing? This crazy love-affair I have with lists, and writing things on lists, and checking things off of lists? The cheap thrill I get from it all …

just before the breakdown, of course.

I’ve already got three or four major projects in the air and I decided that this past week was the week that all the presents needed to be bought, all the cards needed to be prepared, and the decorations needed to be brought down from the attic.

What is wrong with me?

This here post? I had to re-write it, because in my haste to update the blog {with a slow-down piece, of course … I write these things because I SO need to hear them}, I inserted a picture, and without realizing it had erased





I’d clicked the Save Draft button.

Holy Mackerel, Andy. Enough is enough.

I race. Then I slow down. I race. Then I slow down. It is the silly cycle of my little life, but in this Holy and beautiful season, I need the “slow-down” more than ever.

So over the next few weeks: yes, I’ll get the shopping done, but I’ll try not to worry about matching the gift wrap.

I’ll get those cards out, but I’m not gonna sweat whether they’re perfect or if I miss someone—as I somehow always do. If they know me, they’ll know they’re loved.

I’ll enjoy the “Holly, Jolly Christmas” on the radio, but more importantly,

I’m going to sit with The Boy in the evenings, and by the light of our Advent Wreath {and a little help from GE}, we’ll read this, and take ourselves on an adventure through Bethlehem.

And embrace the quiet but extraordinary moments of this season.

I love you all.

I really do.

Sweet readers, you make blogging so much fun, and I want to send that love right back atcha.

So because I’m a huge fan of sparkle + a huge fan of you + a huge fan of Stella & Dot, I’m running a giveaway, starting Monday, so make a note, tell your friends, and then be sure to come back here for a little Christmas cheer.

Disclaimer: Some links above are affiliate links. All to feed my coffee habit.


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A Six-Year-Old, And What He’s Thankful For

A Six-Year-Old, And What He’s Thankful For

This little basket came home from school with The Boy on Tuesday.

I was so sure that last word would be

cupcakes or

Legos orDunkirk movie

spy kits.

But no, my kid runs deeper than that.

He’s thankful for the world.

Yeah, Bug?

The world is thankful for you.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

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Whatchoo-Wish-You-Were-Readin’-At-Bedtime Wednesday

I love children’s books.

Love the little words, the sweet story lines, and the illustrations.

So when bedtime rolls around, I rush The Boy into pajamas, beg him to brush his teeth in under 20 minutes, and usher him into bed so that we can sit back, chill out, and read. These are some of our favs:

Best Loved Books for The Boy

How Rocket Learned to Read

Harry the Dirty Dog

See Pip Point

Interrupting Chicken


We’ve been enjoying this tradition together for years, but now that we’re in learning to read mode, I’m encouraging The Boy to sound out as many words as he can.  We’ve got plenty of Step 1’s in the house, as well as Easy Readers and good ol’ Bob Books, but I’m wondering:Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

what are the favorites around your house? Or which books do you remember enjoying as a kid? 

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