Whatchoo-Wish-You-Were-Wearin’ Wednesday : School Vacation

Whatchoo-Wish-You-Were-Wearin’ Wednesday : School Vacation

It’s Day 3 of school vacation week.

That means while I wish I were wearing something along the lines of this …

School Vacation
Blouse / Paige jeans / Enzo Angiolini shoes / Stella & Dot jewelry / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

I’m still in my pj’s.

How’s your vacation week going? Any big plans?

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MOMtor Monday @ Mothering From Scratch

MOMtor Monday @ Mothering From Scratch

Good morning, darlings.

We are not going to talk about Downton Abbey.

I’m just not ready.panduan android

Instead, I’d love for you to head on over to one of my favorite places on the web …

Mothering from Scratch.

Today I’m hanging out with Melinda and Kathy and talking about children’s birthday parties.

Birthday Cake


They can be sweet, they can be fun, but at times, they can be totally outrageous.

I’m sharing how I try to keep it simple, and we’d love you to share your thoughts there, too.

See you there!

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Sweet Little Things . Week 3

Sweet Little Things . Week 3

It finally caught up with me.

That winter cold we’re all trying so hard to avoid. I can’t complain though … it’s just a wee little sore throat and slight congestion. Hopefully my flu shot will help me bypass suffering from anything worse than that. Prayers said and fingers crossed.

Wait … I think one cancels out the other. I’ll stick with the prayers.

Anyway, even when a sniffle’s got me down, I can’t help but notice all the sweet little things surrounding me, keeping my spirits aloft and a good, solid smile on my face.

Here are some I enjoyed this past week:

The Boy in jammies. And yes, he’s watching TV {gasp!}. He’s outgrown Max and Ruby and The Backyardigans, but a few select shows on Disney XD are fine by me. That’s what a day off is for: staying in your pj’s, cuddling up in mom’s bed, and relaxing before an afternoon of play.

Matt Disney copy

Cooking beside the cats. My grandmother had these cool cats in her kitchen for as long as I can remember.

Cats I love them.

The male cat is inebriated {see the tongue hanging out?} and his date {complete with mink stole} has had quite enough of his shenanigans. They remind me of Sunday nights at Nonni’s house, when I was about 4 years old and my older sister was still alive. We’d be fresh from a bath, sitting in front of The Wonderful World of Disney while my mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother fixed dinner. Those cats make me smile every evening when I prep a meal for my own little family.

And how about 4 o’clock winter sunlight reflecting off a counter top? I’d say that’s pretty special, too.

Cozy places to read. Now if I could only tame my nervous energy enough to make a habit out of using it.

IMG_7130 copy

The smell of the tropics in January.

Candle copy

And from Blogland … well, you don’t get better than these gals. I always enjoy what they have to share.

Enjoy your weekend, friends, and don’t forget to come back on Monday to link up your Much Ado Monday post! Anything goes, as long as it wouldn’t make your momma blush.

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