Much Ado Monday

Much Ado Monday

I had planned to have a final post on getting the house organized today {or my thoughts on it at least … I’m no professional}, but with all the  gallivanting around I did this weekend celebrating my own birth, I just didn’t set aside enough time to sit down and string together some well-thought-out, coherent thoughts.

So instead, you’re getting some possibly fun, possibly incoherent ones.

My apologies in advance.

1. Strawberries on mini-wheats are delicious.


2. The Hobbit was not as good as the first 3 films in The Lord of the Ring series, though whoever’s in charge of making the vile things look vile should absolutely be winning an Oscar. I think I gagged at least twice just staring at a goblin … or a troll … or whatever that thing was.

3. It’s ridiculous that a small popcorn and soda water costs $10 at the movies. It was date night and The Man was paying, otherwise I totally would’ve been walking in there with my big purse stuffed with home-popped popcorn and juice boxes.

Yes, I am my mother.

4. One of my friends actually walked in with Dunkins’ iced coffees in her purse this past summer. Oh yes, she did. She is the Queen Of All That’s Cool. I’d state her name but then the gig is up, and we’ll be sitting at a cinema watching Brave with 4 crazy pint-sized hooligans and no caffeine, and that’s no fun for anyone.

5. Indoor water-parks are amazing in January. Amazing. Nothing like standing in your bathing suit on a 29 degree day and thinking to yourself “Man, it’s hot in here.”

6. 42 is pretty darned cool. You get to own a home, drive a car, stay out late {not that I do … I’m no night owl}, ride the big slide at indoor water parks, and no one can look at you and answer a complaint with “because I said so” without feeling really, really stupid.

7. 42 is also a time when hallucinations might start. Yesterday, for instance, I hallucinated seeing my cell phone on top of my beach bag at the aforementioned indoor water park. I didn’t figure that out, however, until after I’d claimed I’d been robbed and involved pool and hotel security.

8. 42 is also a time when you become adamant about what you believe to be true. When the nice woman helping me with my official hotel security theft report said, “I don’t want to offend you, but could you have left it in your car?” I replied, gently, “No offense taken, I understand how that can happen, but I SAW my cell phone in my bag before I walked my son to the water. It was right there. I saw it.” For some reason, I felt the need to say it twice, just so she understood how wronged I’d been and how sure I was of my own eyesight.

9. To humor myself, right after my friends and I sent a text to my phone threatening the supposed thief with “There is a locater in this phone; return it to the front desk or the First Aid station, and we won’t involve the police. No questions asked,” I walked to my car. And yes, as one might have already concluded, it was sitting there on my dashboard. Let the apologies to staff begin …

10. I wonder how threatening three women in momma bathing skirts really look?

11. And my last thought: all’s well that ends well, especially if by “ending well” you mean sitting at the bar with your friends enjoying a pina colada while your children play happily.

Today I’m linking up with some fun Monday parties, AND I’m starting my own. I’m calling it “Much Ado Monday,” because I think it’s good not to take ourselves too seriously {clearly}. And if ever there was “much ado about nothing,” this post was it. Link up any family-friendly post you’d like, and please be sure to visit others’ posts as well.

Much A

Go on, make some friends. Maybe someday you’ll go to a water park with one of them and they’ll humor you when you blame mankind for doing you download

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No More “More” in 2013

No More “More” in 2013

One thing I vow in 2013: I will not let just anything into my home.

I spent a good part of last week cleaning out those long-forgotten hot spots: cedar closet, attic, under-the-guest-bedroom-bed. And finally, I feel like we’re truly out from under the weight of


I’ve always been a good purger, but I haven’t always been good at ensuring that riffraff doesn’t enter the building in the first place. And in the past year, I’ve noticed something about myself:

Anytime I enter a Homegoods or an Anthropologie or a Pottery Barn or Marshalls, there will always be one item I fall in love with the moment I see it. In the past— in that moment—I absolutely must have whatever it is that’s caught my eye.

What comes afterwards goes something like this: I purchase. I bring home. I showcase.  And I forget.

Yes, 9 out of 10 times, by Day 3 of the new thing taking-up-space-in-my-realm, I don’t even recall it’s there. The love wasn’t truly of that item. It was just the high of having something new.

In August, I tried something revolutionary:

delayed gratification.

I spotted a gorgeous bust at Homegoods. That sounded funny. I mean a bust like this.

Greek Bust

I love that classic look and had been searching for one {on the cheap} for months, but I thought to myself: Do I really need this?

Of course, the answer was no. So I left her there.

Then I thought about her for days.

When I went back to Homegoods days later, there she was … still sitting there, just waiting for me to come grab her. I put her on my mantel in a place I could see her from my kitchen and the hallway, and she brings me joy every time I glance that way.

The moral of this geez-she-ended-up-buying-it-anyway story is that I was


of the purchase.

I was willing to risk her not being there. If that shelf had been bare, I just would have known that that piece was not meant to take up my space. The old me would have not wanted to risk not having it … would have bought her without really questioning whether this space-taker deserved to be in my home, and then

—if the match had not been made in Heaven—

would’ve forgotten she even existed until months later when I was aggravated enough by its cluttering up my space to donate her.

What an absolute waste: of space, time, and money.

So here’s what I’m going to do this year.

I’m going to weigh want against need.

I’m going to let time and distance prove an item’s worth to me.

I’m not going to carelessly bring items into my home just for a thrill.

And I’m going to stop calling inanimate objects her.

Join me?




For the next few Mondays—because I love talking about organizing—I’m going to share some thoughts about how I declutter and keep my home relatively neat and chaos-free. I think it’s so important to enjoy the space around you. Stay tuned …

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