It Takes A Village : Ode To The SITstahood!

It really does, though I never knew that until I had The Boy.

It was then—as I faced sleepless nights, came up with all new things to obsess over {you know, like staring at my peacefully sleeping child and questioning whether his was a normal breathing pattern or I should call 911}, and placed random, hysterical phone calls to dear high school friends because he made funny noises while he ate, or he only pooped twice that day, or what-the-heck-was-I-doing?!—that I realized

I could not do this alone.


That’s the way it is with us women. We need each other. Haven’t you seen that same pattern in your own life? Whenever things come up—good or bad—your girls are there to celebrate with you, share your joy or ease your burden, build you up, make things possible.

And who knew that that sort of community—the kind you form from childhood, or in your neighborhood, through your church, or your mom’s group—also exists online.

It does, ladies. It does!

And today’s the day my girls are lifting me up! Yah. Uh-huh. It’s my SITS Day!

Blogging Resources for Women

SITS is a group of 15,000 women bloggers dedicated to supporting one another by leaving comments and learning about blogging. It’s a SITstahood, and I’m so happy to be a part of it.

So for those who’ve been long-time readers: thanks for being there always, even when there’s total radio silence for weeks on end. {Like lately: I’ve been learning how to be a caretaker for someone other than myself, The Boy, The Man, or our crazy dog, and it always takes me a bit to fall into a rhythm with “new normals”.} And for those who are new here and hopping over from SITS: Thank you for taking the time to make the leap!

To see why I started writing at this little light, click here: Finding Joy After Loss.

To see what I think about young girls using their backsides as advertising space, click here: This One’s For The Girls.

If you like “kids say the darndest things” sort of stories, try this one: The 5-Year-Old Sleepover.

And perhaps most importantly—since reminding others that joy waits on just the other side of grief is, oh, quite possibly 98% of the reason I write—please, if you or someone you know has endured the loss of a baby through prematurity or stillbirth, take a look at tll’s Baby Loss: Grief Resources. You may find something there that will help you through your journey. God bless.

Sending all my “villages” much love today and always.

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Delivered Right To Your Door

A big, solid hug-you-’til-you-yelp thank you to those who’ve asked me how to subscribe to this little light.

Seriously, unless you’d told me I have five minutes to pack before you

whisk me away to a tropical island

or that Dunkins has made me customer of the year—thereby granting me 365 free medium-regular iced coffees—you couldn’t make me smile any bigger.

Of course, some of you have also mentioned that your attempt to sign up to get new posts was about as easy as solving for “x” {for us non-math types}, so today I’m hoping to make that process a wee bit less confusing. At least I can try. Here we go.

First, go to the this little light homepage and click on the word “here” {right before “Easy as pie.” } in my little intro blurb at the top.

Did you do that?! Great. At some point I’ll figure out how to make the hyperlink stand out more, but that’s a project for another day and another quart of coffee. Let’s move on.

Now you should see a page similar to this in front of you. Lots of mumbo-jumbo and gobbley-gook {what the heck is Newsgator, anyway?!}. Ignore that, and search for the tiny envelope. Got it? Good! Hover over that, and when the little Hamburger-Helper hand comes up, click on that link …

… and it will bring you to this:

After you hit “Complete Subscription Request,” you’ll receive an email from FeedBurner. It usually comes through right away so if you don’t see it in your in box, check your junk mail folder. Click on the link within that email to verify that it was you

and not your evil twin

who signed up for this little light.

And presto! You’re done. The next time a post comes through, you’ll be among the first to know.

So thanks for your interest, and thanks for subscribing. The Boy and I love you for it.


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