Sweet Little Thing Catch-Up

Sweet Little Thing Catch-Up

Hey, kiddos.

I know, I know, it’s been quiet here, hasn’t it?

I’ll share a little secret with you: I love blogging, but I don’t enjoy having to say something when I’ve got nothing to say. When I’m just living life and loving it, and trying to take it all in.

When I’m just happy to be raising my boy, and loving my guy, drinking my coffee, and keeping my house.

When life is just good and I don’t feel like stopping to grab my camera to show how good it is.

I just want to be in the moment and feel it.

Truth is, sometimes I just don’t have deep thoughts {if you’re a Facebook fan, you probably already know that} and I don’t want to write something just because I feel I have to: hence, the radio silence.

It’s not the first time it’s happened and I’ve no doubt it won’t be the last, but I thank those who write and ask “Whassup?” and those who don’t delete me from their Bloglovin’ line up for inactivity.

Anywhooooo …

I was moved this weekend by all the beauty of Easter, by God sacrificing his only Son because of my faults …

my faults …

my most grievous faults …

and got off my duff, grabbed the camera, and took some shots for a Sweet Little Things catch-up post … so here goes.

Easter Baskets. I’m not talking about the ones filled with chocolate eggs here, I’m talking about ones overflowing with miniature roses and ranunculus, hydrangea and pussy willow. I picked up one for my Easter hostess this weekend … and the florist who puts them together does such a beautiful job.


Easter Flower 1

Easter 2

I’m such a girl: ribbons and flowers just plain make me happy.

Eyelet. That’s what this is called, right?! I remember eyelet on sundresses and bed skirts of my youth, but I wore this exquisite top for Easter this weekend and couldn’t have felt prettier and more spring-y in it. Love.


Little boy ties. The boy no longer enjoys his mama buying him vest sweaters, but he loves a good clip-on tie.

Problem is while I selfishly ignored his sweater aversion {I can’t help myself … they’re so flippin’ cute … check him out on Facebook!} and bought him a lime green argyle vest for Easter, I, well, selfishly also forgot his love of clip-ons, and only realized my error when he presented himself with this sweet thing that only reached half-way down his shirt. I think I bought this when he was 3 {he’ll be 7 in June}.

Little Tie

Not cool, mama. Not cool.

MOMtor Monday @ Mothering From Scratch

MOMtor Monday @ Mothering From Scratch

Good morning, darlings.

We are not going to talk about Downton Abbey.

I’m just not ready.

Instead, I’d love for you to head on over to one of my favorite places on the web …

Mothering from Scratch.

Today I’m hanging out with Melinda and Kathy and talking about children’s birthday parties.

Birthday Cake


They can be sweet, they can be fun, but at times, they can be totally outrageous.

I’m sharing how I try to keep it simple, and we’d love you to share your thoughts there, too.

See you there!

Green Dot Divider Oh, and one last piece of good news …





Much Ado Monday and A Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

Much Ado Monday and A Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

I’m starting Much Ado Monday a little early this week, for three splendid reasons:

1. I’m crazy like that.

2. Every day I learn more and more about myself, and recently, it’s become perfectly clear that I love free stuff. Winning free stuff is even better.

3. I’m co-hosting this amazing, wonderful, you-know-you-want-it giveaway with Breanna @ My Beautiful, Crazy Life and the other gorgeous gals you see below.

The winner will receive a $90 gift card to Target {pronounced Tar-jay} … all in honor of St. Valentine’s Day.

You’re feelin’ the love already, aren’t you?

I so want one of my peeps to win, so please, enter now, share with your friends {love means not keeping good things all to yourself}, and don’t forget to link up your blog’s latest post at the end. xoxo

Giveaway Details:
+You MUST be a My Beautiful, Crazy Life reader
+This giveaway will end on February 15 at 11:00 pm, so enter {and share with friends} before it’s too late!
+Winners will be verified, so please, make sure you’re doing what you say you are.
+Winners will be contacted via e-mail & need to respond within 24 hours or a new winner will be chosen.


Best of luck, lovebugs.

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