Sweet Little Things . Week 7

Sweet Little Things . Week 7

Oh, this week.

It was good, people. Really good.

The perfect combination of friends and family, busy and quiet, and good reading.

What sweet little things struck my fancy during all that bliss?

Well, here’s just a few. Hope you noticed all the sweet little things that surrounded you, too.

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Pellegrino. The Boy has been a seltzer drinker all his life. He loves the bubbly water. If you follow me on Facebook {you do, don’t you?}, you know whenever we head into Starbucks, he orders a Pellegrino.

He’s a 6-year-old.

Who orders Pellegrino.Hacksaw Ridge live streaming movie

That makes me giggle. Like the time when, at 3 years old, he told the waitress at our local 99 Restaurant that he’d like a club soda with lime.

He’s a retiree in a Transformers t-shirt, people.


Retro Illustrations. Flipping the calendar from February to March was a joy on many levels. 1. It means we’re closer to birds chirping and the scent of lilac coming through the screen door. Could happen any day now.

Right? Right?!

And 2. I got to enjoy a whole new scene by one of my favorites illustrators: Miroslav Sasek. I just love that retro vibe.

Calendar July

Space Kid Print for Compassion International. My friends over at CoupleJones are good people. And they do good things … like starting their Doing Something Good campaign, which proves that simple acts of generosity and kindness can have an amazing effect on the world.

You can do good, too. A simple little act like downloading their whimsical Space Kid Print for a piddly {that’s a word, right?} $8–with all proceeds going to Compassion International–will brighten up the space of a child you love while helping another.

Sweet and easy.


Kids’ toothpaste. On Wednesday night, I grabbed the tube of toothpaste that was on the bathroom vanity. I hadn’t realized that it was The Boy’s tube, but it was okay, because what followed was a birthday party in my mouth.

I’m telling you: if you’re feeling blue, brush your teeth with a kid’s toothpaste.

Total joy.


Who’s on First? On a recent Barnes and Noble outing, The Boy and I stumbled across this fantastic book. It’s based on Abbott and Costello’s {if you don’t know who they are, shame on you … Google them right now} shtick, and in my opinion, every young kiddo should own it. That’s why I bought a few for upcoming birthday parties.

Sorry, peeps, for spoiling it for you.

Now you know that if Matt’s on your kid’s guest list, this is what they’ll be getting.

WHo's On

Spring Issues. Yes, we’re having oh, maybe the 10th storm of the season, but look what came in the mail the other day!

It’s just around the corner folks … don’t despair!

BH & G

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And from Blogland … well, you don’t get better than these gals. I always love reading what they have to share.


Enjoy your weekend, friends, and don’t forget to come back on Monday to link up your Much Ado Monday post! Anything goes, as long as it wouldn’t make your momma blush.

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Whatchoo-Wish-You-Were-Wearin’ Wednesday : Spring Fever

Whatchoo-Wish-You-Were-Wearin’ Wednesday : Spring Fever

Last night at 5:10, I was finishing up dinner prep and looked out my kitchen window.

The sun was just starting to set over the horizon.

I opened up the back screen door, breathed in the view, and murmured a quiet


Spring Feva

Coast shirt / Etoile Isabel Marant mid-rise jeans / Gucci lining shoes / Stella & Dot cuff bracelet
Stella & Dot feather stud earrings / Tory Burch

I think that groundhog was right … spring’s coming fast this year, people.

Okay, sure, we may have one or two more wintry events, but I always just picture God sweeping off his back porch of the last remnants of the white powdery stuff.

Before we know it, that sun will get higher and warmer.

The air will feel so light and comforting that we’ll open up the windows to let it in.

Songs will start playin’ on the radio that make us feel like teenagers again …

and we’ll crank the volume.


Sweet Little Things . Week 6

Sweet Little Things . Week 6

Okay, now I’ll say Uncle!

I prefer to save my seasonal complaints for the summer, because I am not a heat person. It weighs me down and zaps my energy. And since I’m guilty of issuing forth an It’s too hot! or This is relentless! every other 90% humidity day in New England, I figure I should keep my mouth shut from September through March {what’s not to love in the fall, anyway?}

So I’ll say it just once this winter: I need spring.

I need fresh air, and cool breezes, and the end of cold and flu season.

The last few weeks at our house have been germ city. I came down with a terrible sore throat and head cold, which was passed along to my husband, who tried to take it up a notch, then The Boy started complaining about discomfort {and he never complains about feeling under-the-weather} … each of us saw a doctor and were told we did not have strep, so we just plugged away and drank our fluids and kept hoping the colds would pass.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Then Wednesday night, I came down with a case of I-must-have-swallowed-a-flaming-golf-ball. And this time it was the real thing. Even the doctor said she hadn’t ever seen such a scarlet-colored throat.


Even so, there were lots of things to feel good about this week.

Letting go of more stuff. I’ve held onto this sweater since my wedding rehearsal dinner back in May of 1999. I loved it. Baby blue with this gorgeous beading, paired so beautifully with a pale blue mini skirt and a matching cami.

Let’s just say that my mini-skirt-wearing days are over, and the cropped look of this sweater was no longer flattering.

Still, there it stayed in my closet month after month, serving no purpose, until now. I’ve decided I’m passing it on to a lovely little gal down the street, whom I think will just love it.


Ladybugs. Spotted this guy on my windowsill the other day. That’s a good sign, right?


Pretty flash cards. I truly believe that there’s no reason a kid shouldn’t enjoy studying these days. Just look at these flash cards. Crazy cute. No learning tool looked that nice back in the ’70s and ’80s. Back in my day

Flash Cards

Fun treats on your doorstep. Among the many great reasons for your husband to follow your blog is the fact that he’s always hip to what’s on your wish list. Nothing gets by this guy, so after a long day on Wednesday, I came home to this fun package from my Valentine.

Modcloth Box copy

… with this inside:


From my Whatchoo-Wish-You-Were-Wearin’ post a few weeks back. Well played, honey … well played.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy weekend!



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