What’s Your Joy?

October’s coming to a close.

Later this evening, I’ll be sending The Boy off with his father to beg our neighbors for treats {most of which I’ll forward straight to my husband’s office}, and the month will be over.

As will the small but grand series. So I wonder:

have you thought about your own little joys?

Those silly little things that make you smile and bring contentment to your day? You may think they’re nothing, but at times they can feel like everything. 

Share your favorite small but grand in a comment today, and make us all smile.


Thank you for following this series … it’s been so much fun to share my little joys with you. ’Til tomorrow …


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The Little Touches

You know my theory on decorating. I’m a fan of the keep it simple philosophy, for sure.

What I don’t mind spending a few smackers on are things we’ll see a lot of around the holidays, like festive cups and plates for the boy.

They set the holiday tone,

help make mealtime a little more fun—and if you spare them the heat of the dishwasher—they’ll last you a couple of hundred years.

Day 30 of 31 : Spooky Owls on A Plate . small but grand


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this little light is evolving. When I started blogging over a year ago, it was out of a cry for help.

A cry from myself to myself.

I needed to say out loud from my own proverbial rooftop that I was in pain. And I wanted it to cost less than a therapy session.

I was angry at everyone:

At women who laughed and gave me the “ … and you only have one child!?” challenge when I seemed {I guess unreasonably to them} at wit’s end with The Boy.

At women who actually had more than one child.

At those who joked about how easily they got pregnant.

And at myself. For being mad at them in the first place. Everyone has their crosses.

And I wanted to move past it. So after one particular evening when a dinner-out-went-oh-so-wrong and I completely lost it on two

good-hearted, God-sent

and unsuspecting friends, I started a blog so that I could finally do something constructive with that pain. this little light became my place to share the heartaches and the joys and say out loud {but to no one in particular … or to everyone in particular?}: “Hey, this happened and it broke me.”

And a magical thing took place: being able to do all that blessed me.

image source

I have gained so much over the past year. A healing. A freedom. An energy. A feeling that I’m finally doing what I love {Day 28 of 31 : Putting Words on Paper . small but grand, baby}. It’s a dream come true. The pain is not so startling anymore.

So while I never know what thoughts are going to pour out onto this virtual paper, I just want you to know what this little light will always be:

  • a place where the focus is on all the good stuff that brings us joy {though I can’t say there won’t be that occasional rant … I’m still contemplating starting a blog called the dark side where I can post about things like people who park their supermarket carts sideways across an aisle while they leisurely check out the baked beans selections … ooh, sorry: I digress.}
  • a place those who’ve lost can come to see that there is light at the end of their tunnel, however improbable that may seem
  • a place that features resources that may help grieving parents with their sorrow

and a place to remind us all that

you can survive whatever it is that breaks you.

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