That Whole “Precious Present” Thing

That Whole “Precious Present” Thing

We were rushing to get out of the house.

Well, I was.

I had a long to-do list that day and I wanted it done before I could spend the afternoon chillin’ by the pool while The Boy played. That’s the way I’d planned it, after all: rush, rush, rush in the morning then a pre-ordained “chill” session later that day.

Crazy, huh? To plan when you’re going to still yourself and enjoy?

And yet it really only struck me how absurd I can get when The Boy asked me what time it was.

Glancing at the clock, noticing both hands hovered at the 10 {though not quite}, I hollered that it was 10 o’clock and we needed to go.

“No, it’s not, Mom … it’s 9:50!” was his answer.

Instead of being charmed, I was irritated, and about to explain that often, adults round up just to keep things simple, until I realized that wasn’t simple at all. It was ridiculous, and it wasted precious time. Literally.

My boy was right: it was 9:50, but I was pretending those sweet 10 minutes before the top of the hour were already gone.

Done. Spoken for.

As if they didn’t even exist, but for him, they held a whole lot of possibility and goodness, and he wanted to enjoy each second.


{photo via oh, hello friend}

And in that quick moment, I stopped.

And enjoyed one last cup of coffee. {There’s always time for that, right?}

While he made his bed.

And pet the dog.

And flipped to a certain page in his book for reference. {Pretty sure he said it had to do with a certain Skylander.}

And grabbed a toy for the ride.

And his new favorite cap.

And I sipped and sipped.

So many little things enjoyed in time I was ready to give away.

And I had learned—from The Boy yet again—two things:

that I need to stop rushing

and I need to learn to enjoy each moment for what it’s worth.

Which, turns out, is a whole heck of a lot.


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  1. What a beautiful snapshot of what probably felt like a hectic morning. I love how you detailed what he did in that time, it really does speak volumes about what is important to them.

  2. Amazing post! I needed this. I have been having a hard time making myself slow down and take a few minutes to just relish everything in the moment.

    Chels @ Red Velvet Rooster
    Chelsea just wrote this gem …No Matter What People Tell You, Words And Ideas Can Change The WorldMy Profile

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