Whatchoo-Wish-You-Were-Wearin’ Wednesday : Bridal Shower

Whatchoo-Wish-You-Were-Wearin’ Wednesday : Bridal Shower

My weekends have been so busy lately, but each and every one has been filled with wonderful, fun outings.

This weekend’s no different, and it includes the bridal shower of one very special gal. What will I be wearing? Well, my goal between now and then is to find a top very similar to this, because I just love anything flowy.

Probably because I love anything rich and caloric, too.

Bridal Shower

See those gorgeous pieces credited above with the words “Stella,” “Dot,” and an ampersand? Yup, those. Don’t forget, I can get you those babies for free. Just ask me how easy it is. Focus your “fuss” factor on family holidays: for Stella & Dot styling sessions you put out a tray or two of munchies, your favorite bottle of vino, and that’s it. Anything more would go to waste the moment your friends lay eyes on the gorgeous bauble display.

Jewelry = good, waste = bad … keep that in mind.

Green Dot Divider

I left a few items off my samples for sale listing the other day. Here are the latest additions, peeps. Prices are discounted … and first-come, first-served. Just email or message me to stake your claim.


Stella WWYWWW Collage


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  1. LOVE!!! You know what would be sooo awesome? If you actually had these outfits ON and too a photo of you wearing all these beautiful things… what do ya think?

    That would be sooo fun!!
    Chris Carter just wrote this gem …Hope for the Hopeless…My Profile

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