That Smell of Summer

That Smell of Summer


If I close my eyes, I’m little.

I’m on my grandparents’ beach … a small stretch of sand on West Island, Massachusetts, and my toes are curled into the grains.

The sun is warm on my back, which—by the way, hasn’t a stitch of sunscreen on it—and I’m working on a fantastic shade of … beige.

Paul McCartney and Wings is playing Silly Love Songs on the radio, and my Nonnu is wading in the water in his shorts, tennis shoes, and worn beach hat with permits pinned to it.

Just a summer day quahoging.

I hear that calming hum of a plane flying over head, and behind it floats a message. I don’t know if it’s an ad or a love note to someone, but I know it looks exactly like the piece that comes out of a Hershey’s kiss, and I giggle.

Me & C at the Beach

That’s Coppertone.

What summer scent brings you back?

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  1. Ahh…. I was right there with you, in that moment- that scene painted so vividly!!

    I lived at our country club pool those childhood summers… being the ‘drop off kids’ and swimming on the swim and dive team…water logged every day… it was our second home that pool. 🙂
    Chris Carter just wrote this gem …It Takes A Good Woman To Know One: TToT Women’s EditionMy Profile

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