My Boy’s Dreams

My Boy’s Dreams

A summer morning.

I had the back patio screen door open, in case The Dog felt like letting herself out for a few moments alone.

Birds were just getting their feed on, and I was enjoying listening to them sing.

I worked quietly in the kitchen, doing my morning thing: unloading the dishwasher, fixing a breakfast, sipping my coffee, thinking of what should be done later that day.

My Boy? Well, he had just woken up, and was starting his own day by working to check off Chore No. 1: making his bed. I could hear a subtle rhythm coming from his radio.

And then he called me.

“Mom, I need you!” he said, and with that the music got louder.

“What’s the problem?,” I hollered up toward his room, immediately thinking he was wrestling to straighten a comforter or wondering which shirt would go well with a pair of cargo shorts.

“I need a backup singer,” was his answer, at which point I knew that what I was about to do would probably be the most important thing I’d do all day.

I could hear Pompeii blaring before I reached the top of the stairs. The Boy’s a big Bastille fan, and I pretty much gathered the sort of role I’d play in the next few minutes.

I mistakenly started dancing my own dance as I walked through the door. He looked at me, shook his head to say no, this ain’t ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go,’ Mom, proceeded to place me squarely behind him, then turned to face his invisible audience, grab his invisible microphone, and belt out the tune.

Bastille themselves were now background singers.

I did as I was told and mouthed that now-famous back up chant {a a o a o, a a o a o … ha, now it’s stuck in your head!}, swayed gently side-to-side {no crazy dancing that would distract from his performance}, and wondered

How long will he ask me to be a part of his dreams?

He’s growing too fast, but I’m grateful for these moments when he still finds a part for me to play.



Photo by the amazing Amber Leilani Photography

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  1. Kathleen Clark says:

    My dear, sweet friend, Momma to that love of a little boy–who’s fast approaching not so little anymore–the doe-eyed, freckle-speckled, spritely imp with a joke or a story seemingly always tickling his lips, at the ready to spread giggles–or melt the hearts of his listeners, that blooming entomologist who knows his Momma’s behind him all the way on that dream, no matter if she hates creepy-crawlies with a passion…
    You are his one and only, his back-up everything, his got-yer-back-girl, his soft pillow landing, his springboard into each new phase of growing up and the outstretched arm to land upon and grasp, when, years from now, after he’s flown the nest, he comes circling back home to light there, and sing you a song of his journeys, like the birds you hear as you bustle about in your morning routine.
    No matter who may come into his life, you are and always will be the first canvas on which he paints his dreams, the first page on which he writes his hopes and wishes…
    There is no understudy that exists for you, no waiting in the wings for a call-back to audition for the love of his life, for now and for always…You ARE always his leading lady, the one who gives him the warm place to sow his dreams, you tend them with your love and watch him, and them, grow. But, what an honor–and OK, kind of a hoot, too 😉 , to be summoned to be his back up singer. The Boy’s got good taste, that’s for sure!
    Love you both to bits.

  2. Oh what a precious story Michelle!!! I can picture it… oh my heart. I too, pray for years and years and perhaps even a lifetime of our boys wanting us to be a part of their dreams.

    Oh, how this captures my mama heart!
    Chris Carter just wrote this gem …Hope for the Hopeless…My Profile

  3. I love this!!! My girl is too shy right now to ask me into her dreams and games like this but I hope she comes around before it’s too late! This is so fantastic I can’t stop smiling 🙂
    Tricia just wrote this gem …Date morningMy Profile

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