Whatchoo-Wish-You-Were-Wearin’ Wednesday : A Summer Day

Whatchoo-Wish-You-Were-Wearin’ Wednesday : A Summer Day

This is what I’m dreaming of these last 24 hours, as the snow’s been falling.

I’m picturing myself in this outfit, driving with the window down, tapping my fingers against the wheel to Good Vibrations or Don’t Worry, Baby.

Mmmmm … I’ve loved summer music since the first time I heard Band on the Run.

Summer Days

H&M long sleeve shirt / Mavi Jeans bootcut jeans / Tory Burch / Stella & Dot bib necklace / Stella & Dot silver jewelry / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics beach perfume


Please share with me : has spring arrived where you are, or is winter being naughty there, too?

{If you’re drooling over that Stella and Dot necklace as much as I am, you can order it through my party by clicking here. Orders will be placed on Saturday morning. Yay!}

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  1. Freezing here in Ohio….BUT leaving today for sunny Florida! Thank you Jesus…
    Chris Carter just wrote this gem …Positive Thinking…My Profile

  2. It’s technically not super cold here in comparison to the rest of the country, but it IS cold for this area! It’s in the 50’s right now when it should be in the 70s! But at least we’re not dealing with snow or ice. πŸ™‚
    Rach just wrote this gem …The sweetest cat I’ve ever metMy Profile

  3. I love that bright pop of orange! Ugh it’s raining here in CA today but it’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow. I can’t wait!

  4. Spring has mostly arrived, although the weather report on Sunday promised me temps in the high sixties and low seventies and we’ve been hanging more in the high fifties and low sixties all week. Which really wouldn’t be that bad but the wind has been blowing each afternoon/evening.

    Love that H&M top!
    Amy just wrote this gem …A whole lotta nothin’.My Profile

  5. Spring has finally came to good ole Tennessee! πŸ™‚ I am glad to see it! I love the flowers, the warmer weather! I hope you are having an amazing week, my friend!!
    Ashley Ditto just wrote this gem …Silence with Jesus.My Profile

  6. LOVE those shoes! Today was all torrential downpours and lightning BUT it didn’t snow so that’s a step in the sandals direction πŸ˜‰
    emily@ CoupleJones.com just wrote this gem …Out sick + ANOTHER free printMy Profile

  7. boo to snow.!! love the look!
    christina just wrote this gem …devotional wednesday.My Profile

  8. Spring is here! Yay! No more cold days for us. BUT, summer will be here raging next month. Ugh. That’s the South for you. I love this look! Such an easy, cute spring look. Have a great day!

    Fashion and Beauty Finds
    Amy just wrote this gem …Keeping It Casual – 2 (Link-Up)My Profile

  9. Hey there lady! Ahhh Spring…how I long for you! I know the calendar SAYS it’s Spring, but outside is telling me different…even here in supposedly “warm” South Carolina, lol! Thanks for giving us a “visual” of Spring Michelle, even though we’re still wearing coats..Hahaa. As for the Beach Boys, my oldest son(who is a music buff), has them as one of his top ten bands ever and thinks the theme song for “Growing Pains” is, hands downs, the “best” theme song ever, lol. Have an awesome week Michelle!!
    Michell just wrote this gem …A cry for LOVE…My Profile

  10. Love that orange necklace!
    Chels just wrote this gem …Regrets Are a B!My Profile

  11. {Melinda} I’m in Florida, but winter is being naughty here this week. Frost on our windshields yesterday morning! Still, we’re pretty spoiled here … warms up to the 70s by noon. I’m with Chels, I love the orange necklace, too! πŸ™‚
    Mothering From Scratch just wrote this gem …adjusting to my children’s split personalitiesMy Profile

  12. Love this style! And it’s finally warm here today πŸ™‚ It’s been a week since your last post, so I hope you’re doing well, friend.
    Trina Cress just wrote this gem …Cash Envelope System | our cash categoriesMy Profile

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