MOMtor Monday

MOMtor Monday

Your personality is such a force, isn’t it?

It shapes everything you do, including how you parent.

Today’s MOMtor Monday at Mothering from Scratch, and I’m writing about how my style of mothering is driven by my oh-so-particular streaming film Wonder Woman online

Won’t you join me, and share with us how your personality has shaped your mothering style?

Me and Matt at Parlee Farms (2)-1

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  1. great little read!! so true about personalities! I score high in the patience dept. /// play …ehhh I like activities and crafts and experiments… i loathe barbies lol.
    christina just wrote this gem …devotional wednesday.My Profile

  2. p.s.i get a zero in being spontaneous. maybe even a negative.
    christina just wrote this gem …devotional wednesday.My Profile

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