In The Quiet

In The Quiet

My computer and I had some down time last week. Kept her mostly quiet and still.

I needed to.

Computer Pic

I needed to quiet the chitter-chatter of busy inside my head.

The shouting back-and-forth of

make your list


get it done


slow down,

enjoy these moments,


listen for God’s voice … He’s trying to speak to you but you’re too wound up in

vacuum and pick it up and drop those off and

don’t be late.

There will always be projects and chores that we need to do.

But I’m amazed at how often

we add to our busyness needlessly.

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. {Ecclesiastes 3:1}

When I slow down, I realize I don’t have to do all that my heart desires in this moment,

which liberates me to rest and

just be.

Which is often exactly what my soul needs.

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Much A

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  1. I’m so familiar with that shouting match. Last night as I fell asleep I kept thinking about how I spend my days just running and running and lately I’m forgetting to slow down and enjoy. Maybe I’ll take some inspiration from you and slow down a bit this week!
    Tricia just wrote this gem …I worked from home todayMy Profile

    • Michelle says:

      Let’s ALL slow down this week, huh, Tricia? It was addictive. The calm and quiet: just what my soul needs.

  2. I went to mass yesterday and it was the first time in quite a long time. I thought of you friend 🙂
    sarah @sundayspill just wrote this gem …I tried to blame MitchellMy Profile

    • Michelle says:

      That is probably the best compliment you could give me, Sarah. Mass is my perfect form of prayer, so if you thought of me there, I’m touched. Hope you found peace in it, too. xo

  3. {Melinda} Aaaaah. Love this. I have been really feeling like this. Too much social media and my head won’t stop buzzing. I was praying this morning that God would help me to set better limits and just be able to sit back and enjoy the quiet, instead of feeling like I should be doing “something.”
    Mothering From Scratch just wrote this gem …MOMtor monday: a season for everythingMy Profile

    • Michelle says:

      Yes, it’s everything, Melinda. It’s posts and pictures and FB and Twitter (oh, who am I kidding, I can’t tweet to save my life and I’m almost thankful for it!) More and more the refrain “just be” drums louder in my head. It’s just a matter of listening to it.

      Doing nothing IS something, I’m starting to think. xo

  4. I love it when the quiet of just BEING breaks through all the noise. Those moments of clarity are some of the best. I’m so glad that your soul got what it needed last week. 🙂 Happy Monday!
    Amy just wrote this gem …Recently on Instagram…My Profile

  5. Oh what a lovely message this post brings… GOOD FOR YOU Michelle! We all need that “off” button and the replenishment it brings.
    Chris Carter just wrote this gem …A Season For Everything…My Profile

    • Michelle says:

      Oh, Chris, it was long overdue. And it’s not how I’d planned my week, but it’s exactly how the Lord planned it. More and more I put my will aside for His, and it’s so much more peaceful and joyful. xo

  6. I often fail to realize how much creature comforts, like my laptop, add to my cluttered mind. A few hours, or even a day, without them can do wonders for my perspective. Great post!
    Sarah just wrote this gem …The whole point of the week is the weekend.My Profile

    • Michelle says:

      My cluttered mind, too, Sarah. It’s oh-so-cluttered so often, and it felt good to tell it “Nope, not this week. This week we CHILL.” 🙂

  7. That’s the second time in a week (or maybe the third) that that verse has come up. Hmm… 🙂 Have a great day!

    Amy Shaughnessy just wrote this gem …Spring StripesMy Profile

  8. I guess our hearts were on the same page this weekend, weren’t they? 🙂 You know I know how you are feeling and I will be praying for you! Love these words! Em
    emily@ just wrote this gem …Let’s do something good.My Profile

  9. I just found your blog through the GFC Blog Hop. I have wondered around on here for a few minutes and have fallen in love. You approach your blog with such honesty and I admire that! Have a great Monday!
    Chelsea @ Red Velvet Rooster just wrote this gem …Weekend ShenanigansMy Profile

    • Michelle says:

      Chelsea, what lovely words to cap off a lovely afternoon. Thank you, my new friend! I’ll be heading over to your blog shortly … can’t wait!

  10. Oh, this sounds like bliss. I may be doing this soon. Quiet, slowing down, and enjoying His moments for us… {P.S. – I have that notebook. You have great taste!} 🙂
    katie just wrote this gem …The Voyage of the Dawn TreaderMy Profile

  11. OMG that sounds sooooo good! xo

  12. I know EXACTLY what you mean about slowing down. This just blessed me. Thank you, friend.
    Ashley Ditto just wrote this gem …The Best is Yet to ComeMy Profile

  13. Beautifully written. Sometimes I feel like this old world is spinning way too fast and I long to just slow down a bit. Thanks for reminding us that it’s OK to just be still and listen. Wise words.
    Trinity B. just wrote this gem …Best Childhood MemoriesMy Profile

  14. I have a similar battle all the time. It is crazy how much busyness we add to our lives that we don’t have to. Great reminder on a Monday, thank you M!
    Evani just wrote this gem …Monday Musings: GratitudeMy Profile

  15. I think so many of us can relate to this post. I often get caught up on the “hamster on a wheel” syndrome, desperately wanting to get off and be in the quiet. Beautiful post.
    Hope just wrote this gem …12-12-12My Profile

  16. “…and just be…”

    Oh yes. Love those moments.
    Rach just wrote this gem …Prepare Yourself For Some Cuteness…My Profile

  17. After the blog migration, blogging has been a little…shall we say…stressful? It seems that each new day, I discover some sort of blog-related disaster or mini crisis that ties my stomach in knots. Sometimes I wonder if I should have just stayed in my protected bubble…but I know deep down that it will be worth all of the effort in the end. I’ve just felt a bit uneasy lately…and I know I need to spend time away from it all. Time with God. Time like you describe. Reading your post, I couldn’t help but think of the verse: “Be still and know that I am God.” With all of the voices clamoring for our attention, sometimes we just need to stop. And listen for that still small voice. Thank you for that reminder.
    Lauren @ The Thinking Closet just wrote this gem …Fabric Spring Wreath TutorialMy Profile

  18. Well said Michelle:) I needed just that tonight..

  19. you speak truth friend.! i just need to shut down sometimes. now if only my brain would get on board!lol
    christina just wrote this gem …devitional wednesday.My Profile

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