Edith Will Never Have A Baby : My Thoughts on Downton’s Finale

Edith Will Never Have A Baby : My Thoughts on Downton’s Finale

What in the name of all that’s holy was that, Downton?!

Are you serious, Julian Fellowes?

Or are you mad, man?!

As I posted on Facebook early Sunday morning {apparently you didn’t read it}, it’s been days since I’ve touched either a Double Stuf or a hot cup of coffee. I’m as fragile as an addict before their body’s free of the poison they’ve been giving it, and I needed Sunday night’s finale to go well.

I needed Bates and Anna to be decorating their pretty little English cottage like newlyweds.

I needed O’Brien and her dualing front hair curls to say something snarky.

I needed Mrs. Patmore to walk to the country fair in a pink-bowed blouse and giggle like a school-girl.

And I needed that delicious, indulgent, two-hour feast for my senses {the witty dialogue in British accents, the dresses, the green, lush, and rolling countryside, the roses growing on the sides of castles} to end on a high note, with everyone happily celebrating the joy of the newest Crawley making his big debut.

Normally, I’d say 3 outta 4 ain’t bad, but not this time.

Spoiler Alert!



What I did not need, my good man, was Matthew, at the height of his joy, traveling back to Downton presumably for a change of clothes and a celebratory cigar, pushing up daisies after a collision with a milk truck.

Or whatever that jolly-lookin’ thing was. It sure as heck didn’t look menacing.


Are you telling me that Matthew couldn’t have swerved, and gotten himself stuck in the mud at the side of the road? He couldn’t have sworn to himself, kicked at his tire, and then stumbled home? No, we had to go straight to lights-out, dead, kaput, as if I’m not still reeling from the whole Sybil thing.

I know, I know, I know, the actor who played him wanted out. I get it. Didn’t want to be stifled … yaddah, yaddah, yaddah.

But whatever happened to that good ol’ soap opera tactic of replacing one actor with another {yes, it would hurt, but I’d get over it}, and at the beginning of Version No. 2’s first scene we’d hear

The role of Matthew Crawley is now being played by …streaming Baywatch film

Or how about sending him to America to hang with Shirley MacLaine or Bombay for some reason or back to Scotland for an extended fly-fishing trip. He seemed to enjoy that, right?

Did it have to be death? No wonder Edith’s signing on for the role of mistress: she’s probably too paranoid to ever get pregnant. Crazy stuff happens in that family when a kid pops out.

Some are swearing off Downton forever, and I just can’t go that far. I love it too much.

But you have to promise me that no one’s gonna kick it in Season 4.

And more of Carson chattin’-up Baby Sybil with some butler-style baby-talk would be just fine, too.

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  1. So apparently I need to watch this show eh? I wonder if they have it at the library… hmmm…

  2. well said!
    hahhahaha! soap change of character… hmm. i’d have adjusted to that better than a dead matthew. that was a shocker.
    denise@victory rd. just wrote this gem …Riding ShotgunMy Profile

  3. Oh my goodness, I know!! I already knew what was coming before I watched the episode thanks to a Facebook spoiler, but it still made me SO sad! I feel like season four is going to have to work really hard to win my trust back after this. Like you, I was still reeling from Sybil’s death. πŸ™
    Rach just wrote this gem …Taco Soup and Homemade SeasoningsMy Profile

  4. Oh girl. I have to say: I was expecting it! Only because I read sometime last fall that he wouldn’t be returning for season 4. Then AFTER the other loss – that was SHOCKING – someone told me that she’d watched the entire series and hadn’t yet recovered. I put two and two together, so I was waiting for it. By the finale, I was mostly worried he would never meet the baby! But it still stunk. Now, how to make it to next January…?
    katie @ cardigan way just wrote this gem …Hospitality as Loving on Others {a giveaway}My Profile

  5. I knew he was a goner when Mary’s father said he finally appreciated Matthew…literally turned to my husband and said “well he’s toast now” πŸ™‚ All in good fun I think, I’ll follow Maggie Smith to the moon! πŸ™‚
    emily@ CoupleJones.com just wrote this gem …A Spin on our Child’s Skirt Tutorial for Sewing BEGINNERS! πŸ™‚My Profile

  6. ok . my sister in law loves this show. in fact she has order me to watch the first 2 seasons and then play catch up πŸ˜‰

    on the other hand no coffee? instant headache for me … maybe a sign i drink to much . lol
    christina just wrote this gem …devitional wednesdayMy Profile

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