Whatchoo-Wish-You-Were-Wearin’ Wednesday : You Say It’s My Birthday!

Whatchoo-Wish-You-Were-Wearin’ Wednesday : You Say It’s My Birthday!

Well, it’s not quite yet.

It’s Saturday, and I can’t wait. 42 big ones. Yup. 42, and proud of it. {see, christina … how I worked that in?!}

I’m old enough to remember rotary phones and have an appreciation for moms who didn’t hover, but young enough to get away with blasting U2 or Billy Idol in the car with the windows down without looking completely ridiculous.

pink sweater . paige jeans . pink sneaks . lime green scarf . lightscoop

Okay, maybe I’m kidding myself on that one.

Let’s just say I’m old/young enough not to care.

Here’s the look I’ll go for. I don’t have a pink sweater or converse in my closet presently, but I’ve got my eye on a pair at Target. Gotta wait, though. It’s my new philosophy.

The Cool Lime Refresher from Starbuck’s is my latest bad habit and ranunculas … aah, ranunculas. Second only to lily-of-the-valley as my favorite flower. I may just treat myself to one or both …

And that LightScoop? It’s on my wishlist, too, in case someone’s wondering {babe?}.

Da Na Na Na Na Na, you say it’s my birthday

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  1. I love the pretty colors in that outfit! And we’re both right around the same age, except I’m five years older and you want to know something else? You couldn’t pay me to be back in my 20’s. Well, I suppose you could, as long as I get to take the wisdom I have now with me, lol! So, you like coffee, eh (yes, I’m Canadian. Did the “eh” give it away, lol?!)! I have actually only had 1/2 a cup of coffee in my life, and that was in my mid 20’s. Never did a thing for me, but hey, if it works for you! Actually, I’ve never had a cup of tea, either! Can’t stand the smell of it. I’ve never had a drop of alcohol either. Gosh, I make a cheap date! By the way, I love the little unbrfella in your header. Your header is so pretty and looks like Spring! Spring…please come!
    Sue @ House Pretty just wrote this gem …Quick, Go -To Breakfast Or Otherwise MealMy Profile

  2. Hey Michelle! I’ll have to come back on Saturday to wish you a Happy Birthday! The outfit is too cute, especially the pink Converse… and the flowers, let’s just say they scream SPRING! I’m with Sue…Spring please come! 😉 Thanks so much for linking up, have a blessed day!
    Michell just wrote this gem …Not your ordinary link-up!!My Profile

  3. Happy Early Birthday dear friend! I wish we could venture to a Starbucks together and you can bet that I’d buy you one of those refreshers. I love that ombre sweater you picked, I bet it’d look great on you!
    Evani just wrote this gem …To Have and To Hold: Bridal Show TipsMy Profile

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVELY LADY!!!!!! Those pink converse tennies ROCK !!! You OWN your age….and I LOVE that!!!! Forties are fun aren’t they??? I always say twenties are experiential, 30’s are insightful, and 40’s are FORTIFYING!!! 🙂
    Chris Carter just wrote this gem …Coach Daddy Asks…My Profile

  5. Love the outfit! It reminds me of spring. And summer. Which I quite desperately miss right now.

    And happy early birthday! I say you treat yourself to the flowers, the beverage, and the Target goods. After all, it’s your birthday.
    Amy just wrote this gem …28 Acts of KindnessMy Profile

  6. I am a new follower, I just found your site through Michell’s Doing you well link up, and am so glad I did.
    Happy early birthday to you! I’m in love with that pink ombre sweater, so pretty (and who can refuse a pair of pink chucks??!!!).
    Can’t wait to read more! XO
    Bebe just wrote this gem …Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  7. Love your blog! I couldn’t find your GFC, so I’m following you on FB! Hope you have a great week… and happy early birthday! :0
    Heather Nelsen just wrote this gem …Tomato Basil Parmesan SoupMy Profile

  8. Happy almost birthday, friend!
    Rach just wrote this gem …Chicken Tikka Masala and Naan!My Profile

  9. New to your blog, and love it! Happy Birthday! Have a fabulous one!
    Ashley Ditto just wrote this gem …The Real Reason I WriteMy Profile

  10. Christina says:

    Love that top! Happy Birthday!

  11. How exciting! Happy (soon to be) birthday! And must be nice to be old/young enough not to care. I’m hoping that day comes soon 🙂
    Trina | BeginnerBeans.com just wrote this gem …Indoor Kids’ Activities | our favorite ways to fight winter boredomMy Profile

  12. Just discovered your blog and I love it! I’m loving the birthday outfit you put together. Cheerful and comfy! And what girl doesn’t love pink sneakers? 🙂 Happy early birthday! Hope it’s wonderful.
    shannon just wrote this gem …Look Book: BlackoutMy Profile

  13. {Melinda} Happy Birthday, Michelle!! I believe that outfit is supremely birthday worthy. Did you love being in high school in the 80s? I’ve introduced my daughter to 80s music and movies. She appreciates mom’s era. 🙂
    Mothering From Scratch just wrote this gem …what my scattered brain has taught my childrenMy Profile

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  15. Hey lady! I told you I would stop back by for your birthday! Wishing you an absolutely FABULOUS birthday!! ENJOY!!!!!!!!! Hope it’s one of your very best! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!! 😉

    Michell @Prowess and Pearls
    Michell just wrote this gem …Not your ordinary link-up!!My Profile

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