Thankful for Thursday, and Little V-Neck Sweaters

Thankful for Thursday, and Little V-Neck Sweaters

The other day, I was folding The Boy’s sweaters, and that simple act filled my heart.

It just feels good to appreciate the little things … why wait for something huge to show gratitude for the thousands of ways we’re blessed?

Today, I’m thankful for warm little v-neck sweaters with sweet designs on the front.

Thankful for V-Neck Sweaters

Even if I was recently told they would no longer be worn.

That they were babyish.

I’m thankful that he has that choice.

The Boy has never had to wonder how he will stay warm.

His mother has never had to worry about how she’ll clothe him.

His closet isn’t full. Despite the appealing marketing schemes of places like Gymboree and Old Navy {which I’m a sucker for}, I don’t overdo it with his wardrobe, but he still has too much, considering there are little ones out there with practically nothing.Resident Evil: Vendetta movie

So whether he’s outgrown a stage where I can dress him in juggling snowmen or crimson trucks toting Christmas trees or not, I’m thankful for those little sweaters.

And I will lovingly wash and fold them with care, and pay them forward.

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  1. What a sweet post. Thanks for linking up today!
    Sarah {the fontenot four} just wrote this gem …Thankful Thursday – Year 2 Week 12!My Profile

  2. I have thoughts like this all the time. Something as simple as doing laundry or cooking dinner leads to insights I might not otherwise have. I think about all those little guys (and girls) out there living without the comforts we are so fortunate to be able to provide our son. I think amazing thoughts such as these are so important. Just lovely.
    Sarah just wrote this gem …Loves on a Thursday: Red-y for my first cohosting gig!My Profile

  3. I love the idea of remembering even in the midst of kids growing up and folding laundry that we are blessed with more than enough!

  4. This is sweet. And I love that you are intentional about not going overboard with the things he has. I know that it will be difficult for me to not have way too many outfits for my little ones when the time comes. “Oh, but it is SO cute” or “it’s such a great deal! We have to get this for him/her!” yeaaaah… definitely something we will have to watch ourselves on.
    Rach just wrote this gem …Sister Wives [and “man pleasing chicken”]My Profile

  5. How sweet is this? I have thought the same thing as I fold Radcliff’s clothes. We are so lucky they have warm clothes and warm blankets and a comfy bed!

  6. I can’t tell you how glad I am that you commented on my blog because it afforded me the opportunity to visit your AMAZING blog. What a writer you are! This post is a great reminder to me that you don’t need to have a tutorial to share a meaningful and inspirational post (I mean, I’d like to think I knew that – – but am grateful for the reminder).

    Have you heard of the author, Andres Dubus? He wrote an incredible book of nonfiction that I read in college called Meditations from a Movable Chair…and your writing reminds me of his. He even writes about the act of making sandwiches for his kids each day as a spiritual experience; it was a piece that really struck me when I read it, and I was immediately brought back to that story when I read yours!

    Guess who is your newest follower in bloglovin’? That’s right. I am!
    Lauren @ The Thinking Closet just wrote this gem …Winter Mason Jar LanternsMy Profile

  7. awww packing up clothes that don’t fit anymore is so bittersweet to me! p.s. so glad mine oldest still lets me pick out her clothes : ) i can imagine that will only last a while longer.
    christina just wrote this gem …e’s cake.My Profile

    • I’ve held on to a few special pieces over the years, just because I can’t bear to let them go…like The Boy’s first Halloween costume. He was the cutest little lion, complete with mane!

  8. Those adorable little sweaters that have kept your favorite little guy warm are going to be a blessing to someone else’s favorite little guy. That’s definitely something to be thankful for.
    Amy just wrote this gem …Thankful Thursdays.My Profile

  9. Sue-z-q Conroy says:

    My beautiful girl! I am so late to the table — just “discovering” blog land and I adore yours! It is sweet, honest, beautiful and entertaining just like you 🙂

    Missing you and sending you big hugs!

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