When I Don’t Know What To Say, I Pray

When I Don’t Know What To Say, I Pray

Honestly, I just don’t know what to say right now.

I’m still processing.

But I wanted to offer something in this space on this quiet and reflective Monday morning.

So I offer you this:

a prayer for our children.

Matt on Shoulders

St. Monica Prayer My love to you all.Gifted 2017 film trailer

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  1. And may God hold their teachers and caregivers close, guide their steps, words, actions, in every way so that our children may learn to the best of their abilities, find joy in learning, and know they are safe. Amen

  2. And let us pray for all the people throughout the world…that they find Him. That they know Him and that they trust Him to bring healing to their hearts. If they are lonely, let them find the peace and love of Him. God, please help heal the world and the many broken hearts. And another thing God, please help all people to recognize evil and wrongdoing and call it out…so that the world may be safer. God Bless all. Amen.

  3. This is beautiful and brings me back to my younger days, when my Grandmother prayed. Thank you for sharing.
    Trinity B. just wrote this gem …Silence for Sandy Hook {Tuesday}My Profile

  4. TupperDiva says:

    That was beautiful, thank you. I’m sharing that prayer with all of my mom friends, and I think I’m going to try to make that my new daily morning prayer. Praying as much for all the first responders, who first had to face the sight of these children, from which their parents were mercifully spared. Lord, I beg you, spread the healing balm of your love and compassion, and to all who so deperately need it right now. And Lord, please bear me up so that someday I will be able to find it in my to forgive the perpetrators of such heinous deeds, as your Son gave his life for the forgiveness of all mankinds sins. I’m just not there yet.

  5. Amen.
    Rach just wrote this gem …A night spent with some of the people I love bestMy Profile

  6. And I pray for my little ones, who have been brave to deal with trauma in their past- that their sensitive souls are spared from details today at their school. I pray that their minds will be spared of fear and that they will shine God’s love and grace-

    Please bring a special protection around all the mommys and daddys that lost a little child. They will need Your strength and understanding to continue.

  7. Such a beautiful prayer Michelle. Perfect. Amen.
    Chris Carter just wrote this gem …The Latest Tragedy… Will You Join Me Again?My Profile

  8. I do the same thing too…when I don’t know exactly what to do, I pray. Thank you for posting this.
    Ashley just wrote this gem …Christmas TraditionsMy Profile

  9. This is perfect. Amen.
    Evani just wrote this gem …Me, Myself and I: DecemberMy Profile

  10. Beautiful! So hard to find the words. I re-wrote, deleted, and re-wrote my post so many times. But, I felt in my heart I didn’t want to tiptoe around it and pretend it didn’t happen. It really shook my world. praying for those sweet babies and their families.

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