Whatchoo-Wish-You-Were-Readin’-At-Bedtime Wednesday

I love children’s books.

Love the little words, the sweet story lines, and the illustrations.

So when bedtime rolls around, I rush The Boy into pajamas, beg him to brush his teeth in under 20 minutes, and usher him into bed so that we can sit back, chill out, and read. These are some of our favs:

Best Loved Books for The Boy

How Rocket Learned to Read

Harry the Dirty Dog

See Pip Point

Interrupting Chicken


We’ve been enjoying this tradition together for years, but now that we’re in learning to read mode, I’m encouraging The Boy to sound out as many words as he can.  We’ve got plenty of Step 1’s in the house, as well as Easy Readers and good ol’ Bob Books, but I’m wondering:Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

what are the favorites around your house? Or which books do you remember enjoying as a kid? 

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  1. Goodnight Moon!

  2. Too many to mention, so:


    Big Red Barn, Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse, Beatrice’s Goat, Alice in Wonderland, One Morning in Maine, ANY Todd Book, Interrupting Chicken (Evan was on an interrupting this and that joke tear and I saw this on Amazon and just took a chance – its one of his favorite’s now!)
    Amy Kelly just wrote this gem …Two preschoolers – a Butterfly & a Chocolate Chip Cookie!My Profile

  3. Thanks, we haven’t read a few of those!

  4. love childrens books and i love reading. i want my kids to love reading too. in fact i made myself a deal that if they ever ask to read a book i will stop what i am doing and read.

    my son loves NO DAVID! and all david shannon books and all the llama llama books too 😉
    christina just wrote this gem …devotional wednesdayMy Profile

  5. {Melinda} They’ve been around forever, but my boy LOVED the Encyclopedia Brown books. He loved solving the mysteries. 🙂
    Mothering From Scratch just wrote this gem …guess who? consistency in motheringMy Profile

  6. OMG Harry! I’m so old, I remember when that was a cartoon.
    Our favorites are Madeline (we are reading this one every night right now) and anything by Sandra Boynton. Those are fun!
    Susan just wrote this gem …What.that.baby.Wore : Feeling Fall"ish"My Profile

  7. It’s sad, but I don’t think I’ve read any of these! Obviously I’ve got some catching up to do. I love Children’s books!
    Rach just wrote this gem …Talking about that Precious PupMy Profile

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