If You’re Going to Busy Yourself, Busy Yourself Well!

If You’re Going to Busy Yourself, Busy Yourself Well!

This post was inspired by a fellow blogger, but I think it’s safe to say this happens throughout life, no matter what it is you choose to busy yourself with.

I read on this particular gal’s beautiful blog that when she takes off with her family for a few days, she leaves her computer behind. She wisely doesn’t distract herself by commenting or tweeting or checking Facebook while she’s gone; she simply enjoys her family. When she returns, however, she’s completely overwhelmed with all the catch-up.

And by catch-up, she was referring to the aforementioned commenting, tweeting and Facebooking.

When I saw that, I sympathized with my fellow frazzled sister, but I also thought to myself, We choose this. This feeling of being overwhelmed by nonsense exists because we all get so wrapped up in the extras, don’t we?

There will always be things we need to do, of course:

  • paychecks aren’t handed out,
  • laundry doesn’t come clean,
  • children’s bellies aren’t filled,
  • and a house doesn’t remain in relatively decent shape without a show of effort on our part.

But let’s think of the other stuff.

The extracurriculars we sign ourselves and our children up for.

The favors we say yes to without much thought or reflection.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The committees we join in a moment of excitement without considering the time involved and how we’ll feel when the newness wears off and those responsibilities begin to affect our time, our families, and our sanity.


And let’s not forget the minutia we often say yes to—not because we truly feel connected to that event or project—but because we’re the willing go-to person for those who don’t feel like completing the tasks themselves. {Man, aren’t they great at delegating?!}

Of course, I’m not saying don’t contribute to your community or extend a helping hand to your family and friends.

Not at all. Service is very important.

What I’m saying is, for one, let’s not allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by silliness.

  • Would the world end if a gal doesn’t tweet her thoughts on a random blog post? I don’t think so.
  • Will the planet stop revolving if a child doesn’t start with guitar lessons by the age of 7? Pretty sure she’d still have a shot at a life of happiness despite that tragedy.
  • Would you still be considered a good mom if you chose not to volunteer for that committee at school? Almost certain the answer is yes.

Your time is important. Your sense of well-being is important. Focus on what needs to be done, what you love to do, and in that leftover time, how you can help others in a way that feels genuine.

And don’t get caught up in all the rest.

On that note, I did something recently that felt oh-so-genuine. I spent some with my friend Susan answering questions about my life as Mama. Do you know Susan? Well, you should. She’s a beautiful soul with a fun, fantastic, and fashionable blog called Ava Grace’s Closet, and she’s the author of a wonderful feature called Mama Monday.

Click on over and visit her and see what I said about staying home with your kiddos …


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  1. Thank you SO much for this Michelle, you have the impeccable way of blogging exactly what I need to hear, when I need to hear it! I was told over the weekend I might have developed an eye condition that is regularly found in 30 year old men with Type A personalities. AKA I’m a stresscase. As much as I love my blog and it brings me SO much joy, it does put a lot of pressure to maintain all the proper venues to be successful. While a 2nd doctor said I’m in the clear, it definitely made me stop and slow down to think about how I need to focus my efforts and stop feeling overwhelmed when blogging is just my hobby. Thanks for reflecting with me and I appreciate your words as always!
    Evani just wrote this gem …7 years as the Luckiest Girl EverMy Profile

  2. I think you’re really dead on with this. Personally, if I’m away from the blogging universe for a few days and a backlog of posts builds up… I don’t sweat it. Sometimes I even just end up hitting the “Mark All As Read” button and reset to zero. My experience has found that the blogs that I’m a super huge fan of, I end up checking by going to their address if I’ve been gone for awhile and everyone else? Ehh… No one’s going to notice that I missed reading a post or two. Same goes with all that email…. While I may go through and read most everything, I don’t sweat it if I don’t have time to reply to every comment. No one’s keeping score.
    nikkiana just wrote this gem …Tuesday Tango at Authentic Experience!My Profile

  3. Michelle – gosh, what a great post! So poignant and perfect. As women (and generous ones at that) we do tend to give more of ourselves and sometimes so much that we lose a bit of our direction, if you will. Good for you for knowing to slow it down and not get caught up. It is hard! Recognizing the need is half the battle. I agree that your time is important. Your sense of well-being is important. And when you focus on that, you end up helping yourself, and others, in ways greater than you might have imagined. <3
    Francesca @verriorganized just wrote this gem …Midweek message: Color me happy!My Profile

  4. When I’m on vacation (even just a short weekend trip with Christopher) I do bring my laptop along because we don’t have smart phones to look up addresses/directions/etc, BUT I seldom if ever check FB, email, blogs, etc while on those trips. And honestly, it’s not just trips – even just weekends at home. Christopher and I don’t see each other during the work day and every week night we have something going on with volunteer work or friends so our time together is precious to me. I love being in the moment and coming back with an exciting story to share on the blog. And you know what, I used to get overwhelmed with the number of blog posts I missed, but now… now I just give myself a clean slate. I check the titles of the posts and skim through them to make sure I didn’t miss anything major (engagements, births, hard news, etc), but then mark it as read in my Google Reader and go to the latest post by said blogger and read and comment there. This way, I don’t feel stressed when returning from vacation. 🙂
    Rach just wrote this gem …Talking about that Precious PupMy Profile

  5. OH YES!!! It is just so easy to bury ourselves in the “to do” lists that are truly just plain empty. Void of anything really valuable! Since my kids are both in school full time this year- and both are HEALTHY for the first time in NINE years… I count every minute of the day and make each one COUNT right back! There is so much we do to waste time… and so many things we take up or take on that stress us out…and in the end, do they really truly matter? You hit the nail on the head with this one Michelle! It’s time we all discerned where we spend out time and how we spend it and who we spend it with. SO important! Thanks for a great post!
    Chris Carter just wrote this gem …I Want To Be Mary…My Profile

  6. So true! I recently some someone post on Facebook that they just got a smartphone and hope they don’t become “addicted” – going to leave mine in a drawer on Thanksgiving to avoid the temptation to “check in.” Happy Thanksgiving!
    Cindi @ Moomettes Magnificents just wrote this gem …Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Kids | Thanksgiving Arts and CraftsMy Profile

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