Let’s Say Grace

Let’s Say Grace

Somewhere along the way, I stopped saying grace.

Maybe it was when I was first out of the house after leaving for college.

Perhaps it was because I was a ravenous student, trying to fit in a quick bite between classes … working hard toward that Freshman 15.

Or perhaps because I was finally out on my own, without someone telling me what to do.

Either way, it’s a tradition I let go of

and I want it back.

Now that I’m guiding The Boy in the way he should go, I’d like him to remember always that no matter what,

he is blessed.

And I think that taking a moment to say grace before dinner is a beautiful tradition.

{click here to download free “Say Grace” printable}

Even if you’ve forgotten all day to take a moment and converse with God, to thank Him that you got up that morning,

that your coffee and shower were hot,

that your family is together: healthy and happy …live streaming movie online

Oh wait, I was talking about Matthew, wasn’t I?

Then to thank Him that Bobo The Dog is still lookin’ great after 903 washes; that in first grade, no one cares if that shade of blue goes with that shade of green; and that you finally got over that fear of riding a bike {and that your parents can actually afford to give you one}.

Even if you forget all that …

… when you sit down that evening to have dinner with your family, in that moment before you pick up fork or spoon and you’re about to dig in,

there’s Grace.

For us, it’s

Bless us, O Lord, and these Thy gifts, which we are about to receive, from Thy bounty, through Christ, Our Lord, Amen.

But any words of love and gratitude will do.

To make sure I don’t forget to take that moment, I designed the above printable to frame and hang by my kitchen table.

It is my gift to followers of this little light, so please feel free to download and enjoy.

Happy, beautiful, grateful weekend, friends.



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  1. {Kathy} You are so right! Grace before meals can be difficult. Sometimes, we just have “a moment of thanks” where it is just silent around our table for 10 full seconds. My husband is the king of leading a prayer before dinner. Did you know that there are After Meal prayers too? Here’s a good one:
    We give Thee thanks for all Thy benefits, O Almighty God, who livest and reignest world without end. Amen.
    Mothering From Scratch just wrote this gem …mommy-has-a-headache daysMy Profile

  2. Christopher and I both grew up saying grace before our meals so it is definitely a tradition we have continued. It’s good to take that moment to thank God for the things He has blessed us with. 🙂
    Rach just wrote this gem …Corn Maze, Mini Apple Pies, and Getting Booed!My Profile

  3. We often don’t get to eat together…and dinner gets rushed through here or there or through bits and pieces. What I am loving these days is how my husband has started reading the bible to my kids every night before bed. It’s so beautiful that HE said a few months ago that we have lost track of our prayer and bible reading time. (Summer- that’s all I can say) We also pray every morning on the way to school to start our day… it brings me so much peace to ask for God’s protection on my kids and for Him to open their minds and hearts to learning and we ask God to bless the teachers who work so hard to educate our children. I especially praise God for all our blessings- and I go into so many things like the kids being healthy (big one) and how well they are doing in school etc. My kids expect our morning drive to be filled with prayer. And I hope they continue this habit years from now when they start their day. 🙂
    Chris Carter just wrote this gem …100 Blessings…My Profile

  4. I know I left a comment on this post, but don’t see it. For some reason, I have a legacy of sending comments straight to spam folders… maybe it is hanging out there! Geesh. Sorry! Hope you get this! (testing)
    Chris Carter just wrote this gem …So Many Angels…My Profile

  5. a delightful reminder.

    in the a.m., before we head off in different directions, i ask the kids to tell me what they are thankful for. they often sigh at me, but always chime in. i think i’m “training them in the way they should go” and (like you) hope it’s a course they will stay on all their lives.
    denise@victory rd. just wrote this gem …My Grandfather’s Prayers (Day 30)My Profile

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