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Oh, happy day, everyone. It’s Friday!

Today I’m linking up with Rachel over at lala lists for her In My Opinion series. What can I say? I like a good list. So here goes … a few of my deepest thoughts, in no particular order!

… teenagers should not be allowed to have cell phones, unless they’re goofy looking and embarrassing to be seen with. Keep those kids in check before they decide to text the person they’re standing right next to.

… and when they do need to text, they should be required to spell things out. I’m tired of seeing inventive spelling from kids older than 1st grade.

… Oreos should be a food group. {You knew that one was coming, didn’t you?}

… In addition to cider and munchkins for the kids, cocktails should be served after Sunday Mass for the parents who’ve just spent an hour trying to keep their children in line. It’s stressful to have to whisper “Will. You. Be. QUIET?!” a half a billion times.

… they should just tell us the truth at this point : there’s no such thing as “extra volume” shampoo or premium gasoline, is there? It’s just a marketing gimmick to get us to pay more for the bonus we think we’re getting.

people on either side of the political spectrum who get all preachy and downright rude on Facebook should be flicked good and hard on the ear.

… folks at wakes should never say things like “She looks good,” about the dear departed soul who’s resting in the casket. She’s in a casket, after all. She’s been better.

… before parents worry about whether Junior or Lil Princess is enrolled in the right extracurriculars or has the latest gadget, they should concern themselves with whether they remember to say “please” and “thank you” to their elders. And by elders, I mean anyone.

… America should run on Dunkins. Period. And I should get a free coffee or at least one of those cute t-shirts for as much as I sing their praises. I guess the same could be said for the Oreo people.

… Fridays are awesome. And “In My Opinion” lists are fun to write.

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  1. Well said! Ps/ Oreos were ironically on my shopping list today….Must be a Michelle thing ; )

  2. I love this list! It’s hard to pick just one favorite item. I think I like the one about people on either the far right or far left being too preachy. Extremism breeds narrow-mindedness at either end of the spectrum. Happy Friday!
    Sarah @sundayspill just wrote this gem …the dish and the spoon get deepMy Profile

  3. You are so clever..and talented. And I am SURE that is not just my opinion on the subject. 😉

    Francesca just wrote this gem …Every Step You TakeMy Profile

  4. What a lovely and REFRESHING list! LOVE your thoughts on kids/cell phones/etc. Sound like the way I was raised and I think I’m doing alright 😉 Loving your opinions, lady!
    Jenn just wrote this gem …In MY opinion….My Profile

  5. Yes, yes, yes! Especially Oreos. And Facebook. And kids and cell phones. Ok, all of ’em 🙂
    Tricia just wrote this gem …Weekly Gratitude #46 – slowing down and celebratingMy Profile

  6. Yes! Why in the world do teenagers need cell phones. I totally abused having a cell as a teen. lol My husband’s cousin (who is in middle school) just got a cell phone and her parents wonder why she doesn’t do what she’s told with it. Umm, really? lol And yes, oreos should be a food group. And, a healthy one that we are suppose to eat a lot of.
    Jane just wrote this gem …Friday LettersMy Profile

  7. Lol what a fun list. I love the one about church, I can only imagine how fun it is to keep a toddler quiet during mass. And they always want to be loudest when the entire church is silent. lollll
    Evani just wrote this gem …Simply Disney: World of ColorMy Profile

  8. My roommate wanted me to say that she 100 billion percent agrees with your oreo opinion! (I do too!) Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend!
    rachel just wrote this gem …In My Opinion… Dice Make Life EasierMy Profile

  9. I agree Oreos should be a food group. But they need to stop with the Candy Corn ones. That’s too much.

    And people in general who don’t spell things out when they text. *shakes fist in frustration*
    Melissa just wrote this gem …just in case you forgot, but how could you…My Profile

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