The Power of Saying Yes : A True “Right-to-Life” Story

The Power of Saying Yes : A True “Right-to-Life” Story

This post has been weighing on my heart for some time. One might wonder how I can go from pet burial practices to this in the course of 24 hours, but that’s just how my mind works. Some days I think heavy. Some days I think about how amazing lip balm is. Thanks for choosing to follow along anyway.

I can’t imagine how frightening it must have been.

Pregnant for the second time in five years.



That chick was fertile, that’s for sure. And perhaps a bit lost.

But nevertheless, she said yes.

Yes to my life.

Baby Hand


She could have said no. She could have terminated me the moment she knew I was there: it was not yet legal, but there were ways.

She didn’t.

She could have said no to months of discomfort. No to the lies she would eventually choose to tell her parents as her belly grew. No to the inconvenience of being with child when she had no husband to walk beside her through the emotional highs and lows of a pregnancy. There’s no doubt it was not the situation she’d hoped for herself, and any one of those reasons could be overwhelming to a young girl.

But she was brave.

She said yes to 9 months of sacrifice, which at the time, may have felt like forever.

And when it was over, and she signed me away, I bet she thought her yes was done.

But that yes was like a stone skipping across the water for the ripples it created. The joy from it continues.

It led to the love I’ve known all my life. To notes I wrote to my other mother when she was at choir practice at night, reminding her how much I loved her, and to me waking up to find a love note in return.

It led to afternoons in my grandfather’s living room, listening to Frank, Tony, and Andy and enjoying Nonnu’s company.

It led to friends from my youth who’ve aged gracefully {and beautifully} along side me, and to newer ones I’ve grown to love like I’ve known them just as long.

It led to my meeting a man I adore—one who makes me laugh like no other and who appreciates a crooner just about as much as I do {what were the chances?}.

It led to The Boy. It led to The Boy.

It led to The Boy.

Really, need I say more?

Perhaps she never thinks of me now. Perhaps she does.

Either way, I hope she has no regrets.

It may now feel like just a small moment in time for her, but to me, well, she took that sacrifice and spun it into gold.

All because she said yes.

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  1. Such a precious post. Thank you for this. Everyone needs to hear this perspective. I have a tshirt from ABORT73 that I sometimes wear, as I feel so strongly about people making the choice to let live (although I speak no condemnation toward women who made an unfortunate “other” choice…..I just know the suffering from that never ends, and many of them were lied to that it would be “over” after. It never is.). And your perspective is so refreshing as I know so many folks understandably obsess over the “whys” and “where is she now?.” which are such normal things to wonder about and perfectly okay, but there you are thanking her because of your life now and even your life then, LOVE it.

    • Thank YOU, Bonnie. I have needed to say that for so long … it’s been heavy on my heart. And I agree: NO ONE deserves condemnation for choices they’ve made. No one. But I know that those who’ve made the choice for abortion never walk away unscarred.

      Please share if you can using the FB or Twitter buttons at the bottom of the post. I would really love for people to see another perspective on this debate.
      michelle @ this little light just wrote this gem …The Power of Saying Yes : A True “Life” StoryMy Profile

  2. I had chills the entire time I was reading this. So beautifully written and your appreciation for the woman who gave you life is so pure and untainted! I can’t imagine having to give one of my children to another family so he or she could have a life with more opportunities. It absolutely is a birth mother’s ultimate sacrifice. I’m sure she thinks of you often and she would be very proud to read how you feel! You are a wonderful person, Michelle, and I’m sure she is, too.

    • Katie, thank you. I’m sure she is, too, and I so hope she knows it. 9 months can seem like forever when you’re young, but her sacrificing that gave me MY LIFE. I’m so grateful. xo

  3. Chelle,
    This brought a tear to my eye and a smile too my face! You have such an amazing way of
    sharing with others, I’m so glad that you do! Glad she said yes too…XOXO

  4. Absolutely beautiful, as are you.

  5. Ah my dear child, a perfectly beautiful letter to your birth mom and everyone who has given the gift of a child and been given the gift of a child. I am sharing this in hopes that it will reach those who need to hear your beautiful words.

  6. Kathleen Clark says:

    Thank you, Michelle, for this. I’m always glad that I’ve said yes to reading your blogs and listening to your heart in the words you write.

    • Kathy, you have been such an encouragement from the very beginning of this blog. Thank you, hon. However you can, please share this piece … it would be wonderful to show others this very real side of what is usually a very ugly debate.

  7. Michelle, this…well it brought tears and an overwhelming joy for you and The Boy. Yes, life. Yes. Yes. Yes. This post deserves so much more of a response than I can type here on my phone now. But know that the beauty of your words jumped out and is all around me now. Thank you. And happy weekend, friend.
    sarah @sundayspill just wrote this gem …Let the crazies run free. Happy Friday.My Profile

    • Thank you, Sarah … so much! As you know, it’s amazing when someone tells you that your words struck a chord with them. You sent the tears right back my way {of joy, of course}. Please share if you can through FB or that Twitter thing. Let’s see if we can gently and with love change one more mind by showing them the other side. xox

  8. Amen, Amen.Amen. In a world that now says it’s “ok” and that a women has a “right” to kill someone….to end their life….your story is the choice of life and what happens.

    • Thank you, darlin’. Please, if you can, share this piece on your FB page or email to friends. Even if one person’s mind is changed after hearing a new perspective … well, what a blessing that would be. xo

  9. Beautiful story Michelle! Certainly has made me think. I’m sharing your post next 🙂

    Paula J just wrote this gem …NO RULES Weekend Blog Party with Linky #15!My Profile

  10. I couldn’t imagine the world without you Michelle, the world IS a better place because of you, I feel like a better person because of you too. Thank you to that brave teen for saying yes. xo

  11. Oh Michelle, I had no idea. What a beautifully precious story. I am so glad she said yes! I am so thankful YOU are in this world.
    Rach just wrote this gem …Freezer Meals (with recipes)!My Profile

  12. God I’m glad she said yes… <3

    This post hit me in more wonderful ways that I can express on this reply. Thank you for this post. xox
    Francesca just wrote this gem …Every Day After 40: A Reflection on Living Life NowMy Profile

  13. Beautifully written Michelle. Simply beautiful.

  14. This was a beautiful post!!! I bet you anything she thinks of you. Mothers never could let their children go, even when they know it’s best to let them go.

    I was already following you on FB, but I came over today from the No Rules Hop. So glad that I did. Your article was just perfect
    Rosey just wrote this gem …The Boy with Blue HairMy Profile

  15. A truly beautiful post. I love your perspective.
    Tricia just wrote this gem …Weekly gratitude #43 – feeling olderMy Profile

  16. This is beautifully written. And it’s a perspective that needs to be heard. While I am on the otherside of this issue than you, I appreciate this so much. I would never choose abortion for myself. I am glad that your mother was able to carry you and complete a family for another mama and daddy and for you.

    Stopping by from SITS
    Mama Pants just wrote this gem …The Morning Plum Got a Fat LipMy Profile

  17. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing. How wonderful your perspective is.

    Happy Sharefest. Have a great weekend.
    misssrobin just wrote this gem …Today is a Down DayMy Profile

  18. beautifully written. Hopping over and following ( subscribed) along from Paulas xo
    Katherines Corner just wrote this gem …Making Happy MemoriesMy Profile

  19. Hi there! I’m stopping by from the “Favorite September Posts” link up and I’m so glad I did. This is a beautiful post. My mom had 2 abortions before me, and although she was not in a “good” place when she got pregnant with me, she couldn’t say “no” anymore. And I had a wonderful life with her. 😉
    I’m your newest follower too!
    Lauren just wrote this gem …Sunday Social Time!My Profile

  20. Thank you for being brave enough to write this. Many, many people who have lived throughout history would never have lived if their ability to live had been based on whether their life was convenient for their mother. I know I’m grateful!
    Rachel just wrote this gem …He Loves MeMy Profile

  21. Wow, thanks for this post. I know previous commenters have already said so, but it really is good to hear from this perspective. When I was pregnant with my son, the thought of anyone having an abortion was just unbelievable to me. Anyway, don’t want to get on a soapbox, but thanks again!
    (And I’m also stopping by from “Favorite September Posts!”)
    Beth just wrote this gem …Sunday Shorts: Lift Up Our EyesMy Profile

  22. O
    Michelle, this was so, so good. I know this is going to sound very odd, but I many of the most influential people in my life were adopted. {an older neighbor, a long-term boyfriend, a best friend growing up} I have always wondered how it would feel. What my own perspective might be. Many of those that I knew (and know) were bitter. Bitter to have been given up and never ever reflecting on the positive like you have here. The fact that it was a choice : a choice that was much more difficult (of that I’m sure!) than what her other options would have been.
    I wonder if you ever thought about finding her? If you even care to? I went through this journey with someone and it ended not so well.

  23. She also said yes to the people who are lucky to have you in their lives. Isn’t that amazing? Lovely story, Michelle.
    Alison just wrote this gem …How To Pitch To A BloggerMy Profile

  24. {Melinda} Beautiful, Michelle. I am so glad she said Yes to life. It is such an amazing thing God does when He creates. And He takes such delight in His creation — and the amazing wife and mother you’ve become.
    Mothering From Scratch just wrote this gem …we want to (in)courage you to join our new group!My Profile

  25. Wow! If there ever was a testimony for adoption and for choosing life, this is it. What a glorious story! Unfortunately most girls are young and scared and not given any options when they go to have their babies aborted. If only they were shown a different way and the reasons for saying YES! 🙂
    Mindy @ New Equus – A New Creation just wrote this gem …My “31 Days” topic rejects.My Profile

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