All in Good Time

All in Good Time

My mom made me take organ lessons for 12 straight years.Focuz

Yes, the organ.

Yes, 12 straight years.

Well, maybe it was 8 … could’ve been six … but it sure as heck felt like 12.

I wanted to play the piano, but the woman loved a good Wurlitzer, so that’s what we went with. To this day, I have a quick and physical reaction to the first few chords of “I Just Called To Say I Love You” or “Gloria.”

So you’d think I would be very, very sensitive about NOT pushing my own agenda on my son, but that’s a line that I absolutely came close to crossing recently.

It was all about a bike.

He’d recently outgrown his toddler bike, and The Man and I thought it was time for him to try his hand at ditching the training wheels.

The Boy on The Bike

And The Boy seemed game, for the most part. Not overly enthused, but game.

We took him to a nearby school, raised the training wheels so he could get a feel for balancing, and set him free on the hardtop. So far so good.

10 minutes into it, he said he was ready to take the training wheels off. The Man lifted the bike into the back of his truck, removed the wheels with a few flicks of the wrist, and we headed for the grass.

We encouraged, cheered him on, told him there was no rush, and seriously, after maybe 45 seconds of his dad pushing him, The Boy yelled “Let go!” and took off, like he’d been riding all his life. We were overjoyed, and he was, too. Until he wasn’t. After a short while, he got off, and called it a day. Clearly his body was ready for this new milestone, but his heart just wasn’t into it.

Nothing inside him clicked into gear with an “Oh, man I had no idea what I was missing!”

Nope. He’d done what we’d asked him to do, and now he wanted to go home, and I couldn’t have been more deflated. We told him what a great job he’d done, and packed him up to head back, but I was bummed that he didn’t want to get right back on and ride.

He’s just not that kid at the moment, which is not to say that he never will be, and why I was having trouble with that, or putting pressure on him to take this next step, well, I just don’t know.

What I do know is he’s a boy who likes to walk barefoot through the neighboring field toting a backpack full of marbles and a stuffed blue dog. He likes to play “spy” with his friends and pretend he’s the real deal by flashing his secret service badge whenever he has the chance. And he’s convinced that some Hollywood director will call him after seeing his cool kitchen dance moves and ask him to star in his next big-budget film.

I love him for all that and so much more, and that’s beyond enough for me.Β  And unless he says he wants to,

he will not play the organ.

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  1. Michelle! What a great way to pass the time while getting an oil change — reading a little this little light. πŸ™‚ Another great post.

    And by the way – I LOVE the new look and feel of your blog. So warm and welcoming – like you! Thanks for making my day a little brighter! xox

    • Wait, is this Francesca at “verri organized”!? It is! Thanks, F. I’m glad I could help you pass the time. In fact, I’m honored. xo

  2. Kathleen Clark says:

    Yay for the little man!! He’ll come back to it, but in his own time. I would venture a guess that maybe, like my long-ago-little man, he might have had some “chills” mixed in with the “thrills”, and was a wee bit fearful of the potential for the “spills” that come with learning how to master the training wheels (security)-free world of “big kid” bike riding…My guy bumped into the bumper of a parked car on our street the first day of sans-training wheels biking, and that doused his enthusiasm for a looong time. But I (mostly) kept my lips zipped to anything but praise for what he’d accomplished and faith in him for success later on…Now, he’s a high schooler, and I can hope for many more of “I wanna try that again, Mom”-s, and that he’ll reach for and keep in his heart my love and support of all his efforts to succeed and grow. <3 P.S. (My guy's spiffy red two-wheeler is his whenever he's ready! πŸ™‚

    • You’re so right, Kathy. I’ve learned my lesson and I will not push. All in good God’s time, right? Thanks for setting aside Big Red, though. He will love that!

  3. Beautiful sentiment! I love the honest reflection! Such a lucky boy to have parents willing to see the heart behind things. And in our accomplishment-pushy modern first-world culture, what a breath of fresh air for you to say: “It’s okay. Be who you are. No rush.” I catch myself not always seeing the vision of my child until something like this comes along and I have to take a step back and evaluate what just happened (or didn’t). You go, Girl!

  4. I always smile when I get your emails!
    Thanks for making my day a little brighter.

  5. I love this post. I hope he gets a call from a Hollywood director πŸ™‚ Thanks for following me, I added you to my reader.
    Michelle just wrote this gem …Pregnant women are smugMy Profile

  6. Oh what a lovely post! I remember when my daughter was young and I could not wait for her to go to dance lessons and be at recitals, etc. She went to a few classes and never danced again. Kudos to you for letting your son learn on his own time (and not forcing him to play the organ – we had one in our house too). Found you on SITS.
    Raquel just wrote this gem …Simple Jalapeno DipMy Profile

  7. This is so funny! yeah for learning to ride bikes!!
    christina just wrote this gem …dog days of summer.My Profile

  8. This is the sweetest thing– your willingness to encourage your little guy and, even when not easy on your own ego, to let him make his way through life in his own way and own time. I so love this post, and so love too that you took a minute to spend with friends yesterday at our sweet little link up. Thank you.

    Happy Everyday,

  9. Can’t describe how beautiful this post is, Michelle. Thanks for sharing such lovely part of your life with us.
    jamie just wrote this gem …Welcome, it’s our SITS Day!My Profile

  10. Congrats to your boy! And I so know how you were feeling. I often feel the same with my daughter. Reminding ourselves of how much we love them and all the little things we do love is great perspective. Helps me remember that she is her own person πŸ™‚
    Tricia just wrote this gem …Remember this timeMy Profile

  11. It’s so hard not to push what we want on our kids. I danced for years, and even spent one year as a professional. I want more than anything for my girls to feel the same passion, and it’s hard not to force it. Good for you for holding back. Great post!

    Thanks for visiting Wild Ruffle the other day, and for your sweet comment.:)

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