Watching Them Grow at Raising Humans

Watching Them Grow at Raising Humans

Where does the time go?

They’re teeny-tiny, then they’re toddling, then they’re tripping over themselves to race out the front door when a friend comes knockin’.

Why do they grow so darned fast? And do we grow in the process?

“Heck, yah!” I’d say.

Talking about this with wonderful Tricia at Raising Humans today, so please, come on over and share your thoughts.

And for any lovelies visiting this little light from Raising Humans: thank you for stopping by!

To get a feel for what I share here, take a look at these posts … sometimes I’ve got a lot on my mind and my heart, sometimes I’m silly, and sometimes I just want us to stop and smell the roses.

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Go on now. Go. Straight to Raising Humans.

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  1. heading over, looking forward to it! thanks. : )

  2. Just visited over there! Great post today, thank you for sharing!

  3. Left a comment on her blog for you.

  4. Thank you so much for being my guest today! Your words are oh so lovely.

  5. I loved your guest post. Just beautiful!
    So glad I found you via Local Sugar : Aloha.

  6. Beautiful words. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. Love yours!!!You write such inspirational words!!

  7. Hi! Stopping by from the hop! Am now a new follower:) Love what I have read so far! Would love if you could check out my blog:

  8. Oh, I love Raising Humans! It’s one of my daily stops!

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