Sweet Baubles

Sweet Baubles

37 years later, and I still have these baubles. Gold and “pearl” bracelets given to me by my Great Aunt Bridgie.berryjam.ru

I wear them when I feel like adding a little glam to my outfit on a Saturday night, and I’d bet money that Bridgie would laugh if she knew that.

Out loud and heartily.

You see, Aunt Bridgie passed away long before I developed my own sense of style, but when I was little, she was an Avon lady, and in my mind, she was as glamorous as a woman could get. Never would she make the drive to visit my grandmother without bringing a little something wrapped up in tissue for me. Rings and necklaces and “perfumes” made for Holly Hobby fans.

To her, it was probably no big deal, but to me, at that age, it meant

I was important,

I was elegant {you know, in my pigtails and bell bottoms},

I was beautiful.

So don’t disregard the small kindnesses you pay to a child, whatever they may be.

The effects may last a lifetime.

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  1. Kathleen Clark says:

    Lovely post, Michelle (as are all those you pen)! I can recall being at my Great Auntie Laura’s with my sister and girl cousins, trying on her multitude of hats, necklaces, clip on earrings, “dress up dresses” (she had “outgrown”), and other accoutremonts she’d gathered, probably just for the purpose of her little great nieces to rummage and flounce around in. Her house was a magical place, and her attic the pinnacle of dreamy, elegance and, yes, as you say, “beautiful” for all of us young ladies to be. We each have momentos from that precious time so long ago, tucked away in drawers–a pin here, a necklace there…Perhaps they are not worth a penny these days, but to us, they will always be gold.

    • Michelle says:

      Weren’t they just wonderful, Kathy? Our Rosie the Riveters? Such a beautiful and strong generation of ladies. “Precious time” is right.

  2. Those are SO beautiful!!

  3. Oh no! That means I have to let the Bunny carry on with her ‘make up’ that she smears down the middle of her nose… *wail*

  4. So sweet and so true. I remember the little kindnesses well. Lovely post.

  5. Oh, how I loved Holly Hobby perfume! What a sweet tribute to your aunt.


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