An Unexpected Gift

An Unexpected Gift

One day last week, I opened up Facebook and found a gift.

A little red box at the top told me I had a message {fun!} and I happily clicked on it. What I found was a beautiful note from a gal I’d known in childhood. A lovely neighbor from across-the-street who wondered if I remembered her.

“Heck, yes!” I replied,

even though she and her family had moved while I was still little.

I remembered how beautiful I thought she was, with her long dark hair. And how sweet she and her sister were to play with me, even though I was a few years younger and probably a bit of a pest.

And she remembered me.

And what warmed my heart even more—what put a huge smile across my face—was the mere mention of the fact that she remembered my sister, Christine.

Christine had passed away when she was in first grade. I was 5. And when a death comes to one so young—and so much time passes—it’s rare to find someone beyond your immediate family who recalls that sweet little soul. When you mention her, you may as well be referencing a character in a Disney book or a fairy tale.

“I never forgot her,” she said.

My mind reeled and my heart jumped for joy.


To know that a peer remembers my sister and was moved by the experience of having known her is such a blessing.

An unexpected gift.

God is so good.

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  1. That’s so lovely!!! What a gift, indeed!

    I can’t imagine losing any family member. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  2. wow Michelle. You’ve been through so much and are truly a happy, greatful (and strong) person. Plus each time I read one of your posts I am in awe! You have the great ability to make people stop, take pause and really think about life!

  3. Michelle – what an amazing gift indeed. So happy for you to have had that experience. No surprise, by the way, that your childhood friend remembered you. You are hard to forget… <3 And I second Annmarie's comment! You are incredibly amazing at what do!! I always get something from everything you write. xo

  4. Yes, He is! And, boy, I’ll tell you, Michelle, He was extra good to the rest of us for having brought you (and I am sure, your sister, Christine, as well) into the world to share this and all your gifts with us! Love you.

  5. What a wonderful story! I love your writing.

  6. This is so incredibly beautiful. What a beautiful gift.

    Thank you so much for linking up with us today. I love the easy sort of being together with friends that we’ve got going and I love that you are with us and that this post has become a part of my day and life by just this brief passing through here. Thank you for this and for sharing your beautiful light.

    Happy Rest of The Week to YOU.


  7. He is so good!

  8. That is a sweet little gift, Michelle. How sad to lose a sister and how wonderful to have someone recognize her. That is cool.

  9. What a gift of a shared memory…and one so precious to you 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my madness….mind if I poke around here in your sweet blog for a bit?

  10. This made me tear up. What an amazing world we live in. I can just feel your joy coming through this post. And suddenly in clicking on the little red icon–and writing about it–you’ve passed along the happiness. Thanks for sharing your good this week.

  11. I teared up reading, too. Wonderful how something like checking Facebook can bring instant happiness into your life. How wonderful that you could reconnect and share your fond memories.
    Co-Pilot Mom just wrote this gem …CloserMy Profile


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