And So It Begins

Another new year’s dawned and I’m so happy.


In my book, there’s something very freeing about January and the fresh start that it offers us.

While I’m old enough to know that I’m not going to make any sweeping changes in my life, there are a few things I’d like to tweak. So no, I won’t be …

  • learning to speak fluent Italian {though that old college text calls out to me at least once a season}. No matter how often I try, I never seem to get past “Ciao, Concetta … come stai?”
  • changing the way I eat. Sorry, I like a slice of toast with peanut butter on it at night. I just do. And if I’m going to eat ice cream, I’m eating frozen cream and not anything else.

… though I will try my hand at

  • calculus. If anyone could teach me, it’s my girl, Jenny, though I wonder if she really knows that she has her work cut out for her.
  • making biscuits from scratch. I just think there might be something more romantic about the process than the sound of cardboard popping under the edge of a spoon.

And if I do none of the above, and only follow these three goals for 2012, I’ll consider the year a beautiful success:

1. Take more walks.

2. Pinball less.

3. Be deliberate.

All 3 kind of mean the same thing. My body and my mind are craving a pause. I need to stop giving non-top priority things “top priority” status.

I want to enjoy these days more … while Matt’s still little and I’m still home, so this year I’ll take more walks with him, stop myself when I seem to be jumping from one thing to the next {pinballing}, and be more deliberate—more careful about the promises I make and projects I take on.

They say if you write it down, it carries more weight, so there: I’ve done it.

What changes will YOU make this new year?

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  1. Those changes sound attainable. Enjoy your year!

  2. Michelle! Yet another excellent post. I think it is so great that you are listening to what your mind and body are telling you about …pausing… slowing down when it counts most and really being more deliberate in your choices – although, what I know about you, you already do that quite well. You sound… verri well actually. 🙂 Everyone should take a leaf out of your book! Happy New Year!

  3. being deliberate is on my list, too. in all things!
    i will continue to avoid calculus at all costs though:)

    happy new year, happy fresh start! xo

  4. I’m with Hannah – I’ve avoided calculus all my life. Some things are worth keeping the same. Loved your post!

  5. Trust me, guys, I know what you’re saying on the “calculus” thing…I’m just interested in seeing whether my mind can wrap itself around something better at 40 than it did at 17. Or whether it’d still just be “Greek” to me. 🙂

  6. Great blog, I´ll follow.
    xoxo and happy year

  7. Sounds like great changes and resolutions!

    sandy toe

  8. Great blog and challenging resolutions! Wishing you well with them.

  9. Yes, yes, and yes. I need to acknowledge some goals (for me, it is learning Spanish) and let go of them. For now, anyway! And prioritizing is something I’m trying to improve on, too. Happy New Year!

  10. eeeeek calculas! you go girl! 🙂

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