Light Dawns {On Marble Head}

There are times when I think so hard on a topic that I can’t see the simple answer right in front of me. Something about the forest through the trees, right?

All spring, I’ve really struggled with what I wanted this little light to be. I’ve read so many wonderful blogs over the past year: ones that catered to the closet interior designer in me{meaning that I like to decorate, not that I’d want to specialize in where you hang your hat}, ones that have encouraged me, ones that have shared fun and yummy simple recipes {oh, how I love simple}, and ones that have appealed to my deep love of my Catholic faith {among others}.

And all that loveliness confused me, and started me own a road of doubting what I had to offer. Could I even compare to what these gals contributed to the blogosphere? So I took a step back, prayed on it, and figured my purpose would make itself clear to me at some point.

How often do we women do that? Compare what we bring to the world to another person’s contribution, and believe that we fall short—simply because they do what they do well? Why do we do that?

And then I realized that my answer was right there in my tagline: embracing the joy in the everyday.

It’s a miracle sometimes how the little things can literally save us. It saved me. Even in what may seem your darkest night, allowing yourself to feel the joy of the tiniest, most seemingly mundane thing can make the difference between merely existing and truly persevering.

So I’m not going to apologize when my posts range from the smell of a lawn being mowed to the way I love the quiet of mornings to an afternoon Mass among stained glass to the latest ridiculous-but-beautiful conversation I’ve had with The Boy to a frog in my backyard {yes, that one’s coming}.

Because that’s what tll is about.

It’s not brain surgery, and it’s not really life-changing.

It’s just a simple reminder that when you’re caught up in the craziness of life and feeling overwhelmed {and like a good prayer is needed}, there’s simple joy around you: you just need to look around and take it in.

I’ll share what makes my heart sing, and hope it lifts yours as well. In my own voice, which may not be like those I admire, but it’s every inch mine and I’m going to let it be heard.

Joy is there, babe.

Even when you wish it weren’t. Even when you’re not ready for it. It’s there.

Embrace it.

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